Would You Buy A Donald Trump Butt Plug?

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bill-swift - July 20, 2015

Our country is really divided along political lines between Republicans and Democrats, conservatives and liberals. Here at Egotastic we don't take sides. We're more interested in movies, boobies, and video games. But one thing that has brought both schools of thought together is that Donald Trump is a chode. The billionaire reality TV star has said a lot of stupid things lately. I don't know if the ferret that lives on his head and gives him his orders really believes this stuff or if he's just insane. So, given the general hatred of the Donald, Florida artist Fernando Sosa designed the Trump butt plug. 

It's $27.99 and is a fully functional booty pleasure device. The toupee or whatever it is was designed to tickle your prostate. Sosa is clearly doing it to shame Trump by shoving him up people's butts. But I think that it's honoring him in a way. Trump would do what he's never done to any of his wives: give pleasure. I don't want to feel that way about Trump. 

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