Diane Lane Jezebel Photoshoot Continues the Diane Lane Reign of Hotness

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bill-swift - March 30, 2011

Today might be a day I just die of lust for veteran hotties. How long has Diane Lane been stealing hearts and filling tug vaults? Must be a quarter-century now or more this vixen with a killer body and a sexy smile has lit up the pages, screens, and libidos of any man who ever flushed out a good-girl-doing-bad-things fantasy in the back of his wayward mind (which would mean, all men). These Diane Lane pictures from Jezebel are just another in a very long line of extended sextasticity from a celebrity who flies under the radars, but is responsible for an untold millions of pieces of wood in her time. Keep on keeping on, Diane, you will never not be hot. Enjoy.