Diana Vickers Shows Off Her Bikini Body

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bill-swift - May 2, 2014

British singer and hot person Diana Vickers showed off her X Factors in a revealing wolf print bikini. Diana was on vacation in Spain when she showed off her melones frescos. There was plenty of side boob action to be had for everyone's viewing pleasure. There was also bottom view of the ta-tas as well, which is an under appreciated art form that Diana has mastered. In one pic you can almost see a peek of her lady bits as she leans over to grab something. She's slim sexy with a nice tight stomach and thighs. Diana has nice long shapely legs too. I do like a tall woman. It makes a man feel like he's climbed a long way to reach those twin peaks. The tall girls I've dated are also usually the most flexible too. Think about that.

What I do know is that summer is coming and that means we'll probably be seeing more of Diana and her wolf bikini. That is a true summer treat.

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