Denise Richards Pimping Her Tome and Looking MILFtastic

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bill-swift - July 28, 2011

I love it when a good Hollywood memoir comes together.

The first thing to know about these 'tell-all' books from Tinsel Town is that they never tall-all. Never. The second thing to know is that they are never written by the celebrities themselves. I think it's mostly a couple Peruvian dudes locked in basement somewhere on Santa Monica Blvd. being lashed by ever-enraged  and epically shrill P.R. agents demanding cute and cuddly 'real' moments dotted by occasional 'shocking reveals'. Hence, what you probably won't find in this book is the real reason the sextastic Denise Richards married Charlie Sheen in the first place. What you will find are likely heart-warming stories about blinded romance and affection and melancholy familial vignettes which might explain why Denise was the only romantic companion Charlie Sheen never tried to assault in a drug-induced rage . Still, women will purchase this book, peruse, and sigh as they marvel at the modern mom that is Denise Richards.

That all being said, let's absolutely not miss the most important aspect of Denise Richards' pimpalicious book tour -- this 4o-year old is still raging hot. Hot mama. Hot cougar. Hot like the woman next door who asks you to bring in the groceries with a leering smile that will make your gonadial onions cry. Yep, Denise Richards remains awesome. not for the generically penned memoir Pablum, but for her sextastic, it's always been the sextastic. Enjoy.