Denise Richards

Denise Richards: I’m Still in Lust With You (It’s Not Going Away)

23 or 43, probably 63, I think I’ll be forever in a passionate warm and sometimes moist place for Denise Richards. She doesn’t seem to age or is aging gracefully or is just forever rolling around nekkid on a bear skin rug in my dreams. It’s something about this woman that continues to allure. The hardest part really is putting her ex-husband out of my mind when imagining our passionate lovemaking sessions. I don’t care how great the whoopie is, if Charlie’s mug comes knocking at the door with those dead shark eyes, it’s a real mood killer.

Denise was just out and about in her usual warm weather tank and shorts looking all kinds of MILFtastic. The fact that she talks in detail on the Howard Stern show about her love of sex and experimentation doesn’t really provide much cold shower on my feelings toward her. Denise, please, think of me as one of your experimentation subjects. I really have no limits. My safe word is ‘More!’. Let’s make deviant history in your jean shorts. Just a thought. Enjoy.

Selena Gomez, Ariana Grande, and Bella Thorne Highlight the Radio Disney Music Awards

I know you’re dying to know who won the big prizes at the Radio Disney Music Awards. Sadly, I have no clue. But I’m sure it’s some truly talented musical artists. What I did note was the return of some former Disney starlets, and the rise of the next gen starlets, gracing the red carpet of the young persons aged award show.

While I’m still digesting rumors that Selena Gomez returned to the arms of Justin Bieber, I can not deny my unyielding affection for her Latina confections, evidenced again on the red carpet. Along with Ariana Grande, Bella Thorne, and Denise Richards who showed up like the hot mom who arrives at the party only to make it better, it was quite a show. Though not the musical aspect, which we didn’t even dare to absorb. Enjoy.

Blake Lively vs. Denise Richards in Battle Movie Premiere Hotness

Well, well, when the young sextastic celebrity takes on the veteran hottie at cross-town movie premieres, we’re going to naturally pit awesome vs. awesome and see who comes out on top, or bottom, or one on the top, one on the bottom if I’m diagramming this purely from my fantasies.

Blake Lively has come out of her hiding recently to deliver some stunning public appearances. The young actress is pound for pound one of our most delicious desires and when she puts her A-game on, as she did last night at the premiere of The Savages, well, she looks like the kind of woman that makes you wish you were the Duke of some rich foreign land that could entice her to come visit, and then get hella nekkid.

Meanwhile, not far away, veteran sextastic and 40-something wunder-muffin, Denise Richards, brought out her utmost to the red carpet for Madea’s Something or Other Movie where every camera was turning in her direction, by sheer force of MILFtastic lust. While we continue to question the sanity of this woman who has at least friendly-reconciled with coke-crazed ex Charlie Sheen, we will never question the fact that we’d like to bump nasties with her until the next Halley’s Comet arrives.

A double dose of the amazingly hot.

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Denise Richards Dazzles at the Premiere of ‘Madea’s Witness Protection’

Denise Richards Bikini Pictures Bring It Hard for the Hot Mom Faptastic

There’s aging gracefully, and then there’s killing every poor boy’s right hand with your veteran hotness as Denise Richards is now doing with her latest bikini photoshoot in Malibu, showing that faptastic at forty is the new Hollywood goal, and Denise is leading the visual charge.

The long time MILF award winner takes it to an entirely new level with this hot body reveal in a clingy bikini and the old-school hair pulling that makes us wish we could jump right through the camera lens and cling to her sweet sextastic body like a frightened baby roo jumping into its mama’s pouch. Oh, I bet it’s super warm and cozy in Denise’s roo pouch. Enjoy.

Denise Richards Remains One Damn Fine Mom; Also Remains Stupidly Involved With Charlie Sheen

Okay, I get that people are inexorably bound to their co-parents of their kids. Trust me, should I ever be so fortunate as to make beautiful sweet love to an actual living woman, I’d take that same potential responsibility quite seriously. But Denise Richards just can’t seem to get a clean-as-possible break from Charlie Sheen, now set to work on his TV show, and given that she seems like the only ex among many in his life that he hasn’t chased around the room with a blade or accidentally let a gun in his back pocket shoot, she should be thankful for her relative safety and remain at distance.

While Denise clearly isn’t heeding our life advice, she is most definitely taking our anonymous fashion tips. The sextastic MILF strolled around Malibu over the weekend in one of her signature tight tank tops flashing her ridiculously hot veteran now 40-something body, and making us repeat our offer to take her in for safety when Chuck does inevitably go nuts once more. In fact, Denise, you can hide in our bedroom, tank tops optional. Enjoy.

Denise Richards Turns the ‘Wife Beater’ Into Something Hot

It’s not pick on Charlie Sheen day today on Egotastic!, so let’s just stick to a second helping of hot-bodied C.S. ex-wife visuals with some candids of our highly be-lusted 40-year old Denise Richards over the weekend sporting the classic white tank top made so hot by so many women over the years, and still very well carrying it off. I’m not going to say I’m jealous of her recently adopted Hollywood-trendy baby, but I have had my application in with the MILFtastic Denise Richards now for several years, seeking a new home and new bosom upon which to rest my own orphaned desires.

Maybe I’ll be next, and there is time, as Denise shows no signs of slowing down on the hot mom charts. Enjoy.