Demi Rose Busting Out in Fancy London Evening

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bill-swift - October 25, 2017

Being British lends you the extra special super power of still looking classy even when you're clearly trying to show off your funbags to the world. Demi Rose follows this grand tradition of young models on the make, realizing the tons and tons of free publicity available by hanging out at fancy big city clubs and restaurants and exiting to paparazzi snaps in one wicked hot revealing outfit. Why not? 

Demi was seen exiting the Chinois club in London with a dress top designed for extra ventilation right in her lady fun parts area. Her boobtastic quite ready for the spotlight, if not entirely built for such. You couldn't wear that dress necessarily to a royal wedding, but if you were looking to hook a Prince of some kind, you're right on track.

Demi Rose lives in a world of incessant and infinite competition. A social media era hottie who knows that not rising is the same as falling. There is always another exhibitionist lady ready to take your place. Or a thousand. Best not to take any chances. Dress for the job you want. Demi Rose sure did. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Splash News

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