Deimante Guobyte Red Bikini For White Hot Boobtastic Visuals in Miami

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bill-swift - December 10, 2014

The difficultly named, but most definitely hotly bodied Deimante Guobyte has returned to Miami Beach as the swallows to Capistrano to stake her own claim to international hot bikini bodies along the roughest sextastic bikini battle in the world. I'd say her nominating papers look pretty boobtastic.

Deimante is often referred to as singer Maxwell's girlfriend, which only serves the purpose of making me dislike Maxwell, and imagining the horrible news of his suspicious death from jelly doughnut suffocation. Oh, how I will console Deimante with a shoulder to cry on and many deep tissue massages in areas where she didn't even realize she had deep tissue. I keep digging until I find. Deimante, please keep coming back to the beach. The world needs you now more than ever. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash News