Darth Maul Isn’t Getting His Own Video Game After All

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chris-littlechild - December 22, 2015

As we all know damn well, Darth Vader is the ultimate and greatest ever Star Wars villain. This charismatic wheezing asshole just brings something to the table that nobody else comes close to. Is it the sudden surprise revelation about Luke's parentage? Is it the crushing-stupid-underlings'-throats-from-clear-across-the-room-with-just-a-little-pinchy-finger-motion? Could it be the moment he threw the Emperor to a hideous fiery death?

I don't know. It's all of these things, really, and so much more. Vader, you goddamn stud you.

All of that said, though, I also have a soft spot for Darth Maul. Say what you will about this red-faced bastard, he had the coolest lightsaber in the series. You know what they say about double-edged swords. You don't eff with those, and you have to be pretty freaking skilled to wield one effectively.

In short, you can bet you ass that if Darth Maul: The Game was a thing, I'd be all over it. A title focused on the Sith Lord was in development, but it's pretty well confirmed now that it'll never happen.

‘Back in October, the developer behind a canceled Star Wars video game themed around bad guy Darth Maul said it was hoping to resurrect the game,' reports Gamespot. ‘The developer, Red Fly Studios, working on the game in its off-hours, said it was building a "next-gen" demo to pitch to Electronic Arts. Unfortunately for fans, it doesn't look like anything has come of those efforts--and it sounds unlikely that anything ever will.'

EA's iron grip on the ‘nads of Star Wars games seems to be the issue, with the gaming giant showing no interest in renewing the project. Red Fly bossman Dave Borth said ‘…there is no interest in even talking about it, or looking at what the community thinks... It would just be stupid to keep barking up this tree.'

I feel some kind of way about all this. 

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