Daphne Joy Bikini Bodacious Boobtastic Time in Sin City

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bill-swift - September 25, 2014

Bodacious bikini racktastic, thy name is Daphne Joy.

We'd always known Daphne as the 50 Cent baby mama. Then suddenly she began appearing much more publicly and much more revealing and we suddenly knew her as the bosomy bikini baby who we'd like to try and get back to our Vegas hotel room. I mean, once we convince the three guys we're sharing it with to take a hike for a couple hours. That's some kind of trick.

I'm not sure why Daphne Joy was sharing so much joy by a Las Vegas casino pool, but I'll just assume she was there for the sole purpose of torturing my soul. She's a bit of a climb I suppose, but I'm willing to strap on the boots and get the harnesses and o-rings ready for a monumental ascent. Carpe funbags. Enjoy.