Daniela Lopez Osorio Hot Oiled Up Bikini

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bill-swift - June 17, 2015

When Latina girls have three names, I know I'm going to have some kind of tingly good times looking at their photos for the next twenty minutes. I don't cotton to three names in general, but the lovely sultry ladies bestow it culturally and also be sheer force of en fuego hotness, earn it.

Case in point, Daniela Lopez Osorio. The brunette model with the ridiculously hot body was tapped by BonPrix swimwear to professionally pimp their gear. I'm not sure what magic Daniela has inside her bikini, but it seems to be spreading out all over her tanned, fine female form. I'm buying six bikinis just by way of showing my submission in the face using sex to sell. Half-price offers do nothing for me. Bronzed skin models with faptastic funbags just shut down my ability to reason. What do you mean I just bought a time share in Detroit and a four years subscription to a gardening magazine? I don't even remember. She was just so pretty. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Bonprix Swimwear