Daniela Lopez Osorio Hot Bikini Booty Cheeks

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bill-swift - January 1, 2016

Another day, another hot Latina posing in bikini exhibition for World Swimsuit. Today the brunette bit of salsa en fuego Daniela Lopez Osorio takes the reins of the sextastic bikini category with some stellar shots of her fine female form and a thumper in bikini that is muy muy bueno.

Daniela has come on super strong in the competitive smoking hot bikini body category this past year. Her natural allure providing unnatural levels of tingles in all who behold her sultry perfectly curved body. She was born to model bikinis. We were born to drool and stare at girls who were born to model bikinis. This is symbiosis and it's simply beautiful. Thank you Daniela and thank you Mother Nature, each for doing their part in the creation and display of this wicked hottie. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: World Swimsuit