Junior College Player Dunks From Free Throw Line in a Game, Gets Robbed by Bad Call

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michael-garcia - December 8, 2012

I guess this is what dudes are just doing these days? Taking off from inches in front of the free throw line in the middle of a game like it's no big deal? Check out Jacksonville College's Daniel Skinner in this clip. He's out on the break with a full head of steam with a defender backpedaling in front of him. Skinner takes off, and the backpedaling guy gets freaking crushed on as Skinner takes flight.

There's some home cooking in play here, because Skinner gets inexplicably called for a charge even though the other guy never even came close to establishing his feet to take the charge.

Jacksonville College is a junior college in East Texas, and is now officially on the map thanks to Skinner's exploits. I don't know anything about Skinner's game, but with athleticism like that, I'd bet he's playing D1 somewhere next season.

h/t The Big Lead

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