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aldo-vallon - October 13, 2017

 Seeing the cleavage of an actress who previously made her fame as a child gives me a mix of feelings. On the one hand I am pleased to see another child actor successfully climb her way out of the mire of that pigeonhole, but on the other hand I cannot help but be reminded that she was once a child. Now, I know all women were once children, I am not an idiot, but at least I have plausible deniability with all the others. I can make myself believe that they were made in a laboratory by a group of nerdy scientists because I do not have the evidence of their pasts ingrained in my own memory. Plausible deniability is a powerful thing. I never fully appreciated it when I heard it talked about in the movies. Then it was usually being used by some politicians, or by a police chief in reference to some loose cannon cops. As I have grown older I have gained respect for its power. I realize now that the power to shirk responsibility is a necessary skill to attain in the path to adulthood.  


Photo Credit: Hunger Magazine