Daisy Lowe Stretching and Sweating Can Only Mean Upcoming Hotness

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bill-swift - November 22, 2011

We've had a super lust crush on Daisy Lowe from a time even before she found out she was the super hot bastard child of Gavin Rossdale, well, wait, I think that was like fifteen years old or so, so let's legally amend that to since the time she found out and was legal. But, either way, it's been some kind of stalker crush on this curvy Britty brunette of rock and modeling world lineage. Daisy has a tendency to get a little chubby, which, by the way, is still chubby hot, but when she starts hitting the gym for super burn workouts, you can be sure of one thing -- some amazing pictorials and modeling assignments are coming down the line. And when you match this forecast with a sexy young model not afraid to go topless, the prospects are downright delectable. Enjoy.