Cynthia Escobar Bikini Hot Sides Show Off Poolside in Vegas

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bill-swift - October 18, 2014

I've never met Cynthia Escobar, I'm going to assume she's a good and decent and smart woman. And, there's something else about this Spanish model I have to say I admire as well. Yes, you got me. Her proper use of skincare products and SPF suntan protection layers. I bet you thought I was going to say her enormous cans and crazy hot asstastic. Like you know me so well after all these years.

Cynthia was hanging poolside in Vegas just to remind the guys the kind of girlfriend they might someday have if they hit their roulette number, oh, four to five times in a row. Barring that, you better tell some wicked funny jokes in Spanish and look like Antonio Banderas or what happens in Vegas may just be staying in your pants. I twisted that slogan to teach you a lesson about leering. It costs nothing and nobody's feelings get hurt. Cynthia, I'm sorry to rudely interrupt. Please go back to crawling all over those lounge chairs in your undersized bikini. Enjoy.