Courtney Stodden Receives Offer from Adult Film Sites on Her 18th Birthday (VIDEO)

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bill-swift - August 30, 2012

The only job I got offered when I turned 18 was the same job I had at 17 and it involved a mop, a bucket, and the remains of hyperactive children who drank too much fruit punch. I certainly don't recall a ginormous pink paycheck offering me cash to knock boots on camera. I would've dropped the vomit bucket.

Our friends at Brazzers (*adult content site) wanted to make sure the whole world knows just how found they are of Courtney Stodden, and even more so, age of consent laws now in play since her 18th birthday today. For her part, the formerly underaged teen bride has said she is considering all offers seriously. Speaking from personal experience once more, I can only say that when you offer a young lady such a lurid proposal and you get not a slap in the face but a 'considering', well, if I'm Brazzers I'd start buying pink rugs for the movie set. I effin' love Hollywood.

Also check out the offer that came in from (*adult content site) for some kind of prurient appearance for the barely legal Stodden: