Courtney Stodden Busts Out The Sexy Cleavage For Her First Radio Broadcast

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brian-mcgee - January 25, 2019

Afterbuzz TV, which bills itself as "The ESPN of TV Talk," has just unveiled their latest program, "This is Courtney Stodden" starring the one and only ex-Mrs. Percy Wetmore. Here's their description of the show, directly from their website...

From celebutante, to tv star, to pop musician, Courtney Stodden can do anything. And now, for the first time, we get Courtney’s unfiltered thoughts in her wild new podcast, THIS IS COURTNEY STODDEN where Courtney Stodden spills all the tea – every week! Hang out with your bestie Courtney every week, and be sure to subscribe and comment to get on here good side! But let’s be honest; he doesn’t have a bad side!

Some sexy ass pics of the starlet were taken as she recorded her debut episode titled, I shit you not, "Bryan Singer's #MeToo Moment, The Masked Singer: Creepy or Cute?" Man, I can't wait to hear Courtney's take on these important issues of the day. I'm sure she's got a lot to say about Bryan Singer's predicament.

Anyways, here are the sexy pics and here's hoping Courtney keeps taking on the big stories for many episodes to come. Happy listening. Or not, totally up to you.

Photo Credit: Bacgkrid USA / MEGA