Courteney Cox Makes the Bold Decision to Go Out Without Makeup (But Flashes Her Bra, So We’re Cool)

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bill-swift - August 26, 2011

It's very rare that a celebrity goes into the paparazzi laden streets of Hollywood without a solid 45-minute make-up and hair job, let alone some wardrobe fine tunings, but maybe it was just a statement in meeting her soon to be ex-husband for dinner, but Cougariffic veteran hottie Courteney Cox made such a bold decision last night, and, well, she looks a bit like a woman going to meet her soon to be ex-husband, let's say that to be kindly. However, we are definitely throwing in bonus points for the see-through tank top and bra flash and the generally body-flaunting abilities of the mid-40's Cox to still cast a lust-inducing shadow. Still, even I won't leave the Egotastic! offices without a little lip gloss and some foundation. Enjoy.