Courteney Cox

Courteney Cox Plunging, Braless Cleavage At The “Just Before I Go” Premiere

Courtney Cox was looking boobtastic at the premiere of “Just Before I Go”. It seems that the former Friends star forgot to wear a bra. Not that I’m complaining. I’m all about it. Back when Friends was on everyone was all about Jennifer Aniston, and she is definitely hot, but I always had a thing for Courtney. And why not? Just look at those perfect peaches she’s got under that red dress. Her cleavage should win some kind of an award. A Golden Globe, maybe? See what I did there? But seriously, she needs to move on to the stage in her career where she takes her clothes off in indie movies to show her range as an actress or whatever. I’d watch that.

I miss the Friends days. It wasn’t that great a show but it was oddly reassuring. It was like a worn in pillow only it starred hot chicks. And Matt LeBlanc.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews/Splash

Flashback: Courteney Cox Braless Nipple Pokes From Friends

Because Egotastic was born after the end of Friends, we never truly got a chance to express our appreciation for the real purpose of that show which was basically to show young sextastic actresses without bras. I know, you didn’t realize that, but I’m pretty sure everybody has copped to it by now. Most especially in this category was the lovely and lusciously lean Courteney Cox who routinely parades in form fitting tops without bras through the show. Laugh, didn’t laugh, it didn’t matter. She was worth watching.

On this random Wednesday I felt inspired to take a look back at some of Courteney’s best headlight poking moments from the show. Here’s the good news, if you never saw the show, you don’t need to know the story line to revel in these nipples. And if you did, delight in this pokie icing from the Courteney Cox cake. As it were. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: “Friends” NBC

READER FINDS: Malin Akerman Topless, Demi Moore Topless, Jessica Chastain Topless, and Much Much More…


I don’t know about you, but I’ve still got tons of Christmas shopping to… oh, actually, just did it in two minutes on Amazon. I will not go to stores. No offense to the economy on the brink, but I’ve got appointments to keep and smoking hot sextastic celebrities to virtually strip thanks to the amazing contributions each week by the smartest and most humbly awesome readership on the web and our sacred Reader Finds.

This week’s Reader Finds includes 80′s hot modeling shots for Courteney Cox (thanks mightily to EgoReader ‘Jason’), 90′s modeling shots of a young Christina Aguilera (kudos to ‘Erik the Red’), upcoming Bond girl Monica Bellucci topless on the silver screen (blessings from the steady ‘Evan H.’), the lovely Faye Grant topless for classic cinema (a fine bit of reminiscing from ‘I.G.’), Marisa Tomei topless fun time teats (Tomei’s ta-ta’s via ‘Mel’), brunette sextasitc Carla Quevedo in Affluenza (much obliged to ‘Danny’), more of Swedish hottie Eddie Pettersson modeling topless (wonderful find spotted by ‘Jay L.’), Dawn Olivieri topless doing her thang (sweet peaches from the mind of ‘Admiral’), Jamie Lee Curtis quite topless from the time machine (legendary 80′s puppies entered by ‘Stace’), Jessica Chastain fully exhibited funbags (ginger topless goodness via ‘Ken’), Malin Akerman topless in the original Comeback (don’t get me started on Comeback puns there ‘Ryan D.’), Nina Agdal sextastic S.I. outtakes (sharkingly good find ‘Jacques’), Rose McGowan topless modeling pic (Rose is flashing uncovered roses thanks to ‘Ellie’), Kitty Lea topless in a blessedly hot Frank White shoot (Kitty goes meow when ‘Aggie’ drops off gifts), Demi Moore topless in her star making early roll (mother of Rumer teats from ‘Devon’), Terry Farrell crazy hot see-through vintage shoot (roll me another hottie ‘Young’), Helen Mirren full frontal nekkid (plump throwback bare bosom via ‘Stephen R.’), Cara Delevingne modeling luscious lingerie (lovely, just lovely from ‘Dennis’), and last but not least, another eye popping of Monica Bellucci full bush nekkid and simply just charming (Bond girl go boom boom with the help of ‘Dante’). Just one crazy sweet barrel full of celebrity sextastic skin. I invite you to dive in. Just wait five minutes after you eat. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Bikini Like a Couple Old Friends Down Cabo Way

Wow, talk about your veteran hotties. I’m so thankful for our brave telescopic lensed friends in the palm trees today surrounding the Cabo resort where the celebrities go to tan in almost total privacy. For they have gifted us Jennifer Aniston bikini pictures alongside Courteney Cox bikini pictures, a little grainy, but resiliently hot in their 40-somethings celebrity two piece goodness.

I like to imagine Jennifer and Courteney are rubbing each other down with lotion after a long day in the sun, but that probably exists more in my mind than it does in Mexico. Still, it’s a beautiful thought for these two ladies who still very much capture my attention, Just so happy today. Enjoy.

Jennifer Aniston Bikinis with Courteney Cox, Molly McNearney, and Beth Ostrosky Down Cleavy Cabo Way

Jennifer Aniston just keeps on hot chugging along, prepped up by her yoga and slightly weirder body shaping techniques, looking amazing in a bikini well into her fifth almost second marriage relationship and down Cabo way for the holidays.

Jennifer might be approaching 45, but in our hearts, and loins, she’ll always be young Rachel, which is why we were so pleased to see her bikini down with some of her friends, Courteney Cox, Molly McNearney (wife of Jimmy Kimmel) and Beth Ostrosky (wife of Howard Stern)

Talk about your not that fearsome foursome couple, but three nice looking brides hanging with Jennifer down South of the Border. I guess their boring husbands were there somewhere too but somehow we managed to miss them completely from our treetop perches with our telescopic lenses. This looks like a vacation I should have been invited too. I speak limited Spanish and I could afford about one hour at this Cabo resort and I make a mean margarita out of tequila from a plastic bottle. Maybe next Christmas. Enjoy.

Courteney Cox Bikini Pictures Put the MMM in MILFtastic

At the age of 48, former Friends love-bunny and increasingly hot MILF, Courteney Cox just seems to keep on keeping on with her more than ample bits of desirability, two of which are fairly exposed in these bikini pictures from her beach vacation in Miami.

Now, we could argue til the cow comes home over who was the hottest chick on that sitcom, but for those of you who have been lusting for Courteney since she made it onstage in a Springsteen video back in the mid-80′s, I think you know the answer. And I think you’re very happy to see these bikini photos this morning. And we are in the business of happy. Enjoy.

READER FINDS: Selena Gomez Down Top and Commando Bottom, Lady Gaga Bare Top Show, Angelina Jolie See-Through, and Much More…


Phew and pshaw, as the kindly older woman who raised me for several years before the police caught up with her and arrested her for stealing me from my stroller would say after a long day. It’s sort of an exasperated sounds the best describes how we all feel when we hit the end of the week.

But there’s no phewing or pshawing around the veritable visual highlight of each week here on Egotastic!, the community chest contributions from our readers of all that they have found in their diligent and most likely pants-less searches across the unending digital expanses of the Internet. The array of the asstastic and celebrity sexy never ceases to amaze us here. 

This week’s Reader Finds includes a double dose of Selena Gomez, both down her top to some healthy boobtastic and up her concert costume to see her seemingly commando, Lady Gaga wrapped in clear plastic, classic Angelina Jolie hotness exhibition, Adriana Lima in a wicked sweet photoshoot, Lacey Banghard topless and loaded, Courteney Cox camel toe-licious, Kelly Brook in bed in lingerie, Noelia Rios in a quite unclothed TV performance, Nicole Murphy see-through to mammaries, and Amba Jackson (Mick Jagger’s teen granddaughter) showing almost too much for her age. It’s a melting pot of the magnificent indeed.

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