Cleavy Showdown Brandi Glanville And Dorothy Wang Open Blouses Out in Hollywood

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bill-swift - March 16, 2016

It was hard not to notice the notice me outfits worn by both 40-something mom Brandi Glanville and 20-something Rich Kid of Beverly Hills Dorothy Wang out last night to dinner on the town. Two different generations of reality TV stars, one single purpose. Showing off extensive cleavage in black for the assembled oglers and paparazzi alike. It's fair to say they hit their mark.

Brandi Glanville dresses up quite nice. She tends to get her drink on pretty heavily, or has in the past, when out on the town, so the coming out Brandi isn't always quite as put together and boobtastically perfectly arranged as the going in Brandi. So catch her on the entry if you can. Dorothy Wang doesn't do much but be a rich heiress to a Chinese real estate fortune and show her funbag blessed body off whenever possible. Not a bad gig if you can get it. I can only hope her wealthy father will give me a decent job in his shopping center establishment once I begin making sweet love to his daughter's chesty treats. I'm qualified for mall cop, but I'd like something more executive. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash