Claudia Romani Photoshoot At The Beach

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earl-jonas - July 26, 2017

If you thought there weren't enough former model-turned-reality stars in the world, then you're in luck. Claudia Romani was the talk of the town in the mid-2000's when she graced the covers of boobie mags everywhere. At thirty-five-years-old Romani is still looking as news-worthy as ever, but has now graduated to being a full fledged television star. But not just any television star. A reality television star. 

This week the busty Italian hit the blue waters of South Beach in a sextastic one piece perfectly showing off her insane frame. As much as she tries to avoid the paparazzi while going about her business in the thong onesie, Romani is gracious enough to strike all sorts of poses - including one where she bends over to make sure we don't miss an inch - out of the goodness of her heart. Don't ever change, Romani! 


Photo Credit: Splash News