Claudia Romani Bikini Pictures Reveal the ‘Killer Tush’ in Miami

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bill-swift - January 19, 2013

We happen to be big fans of Claudia Romani and her body of work. Especially her work body and her exhibitions thereof as she delights in her Miami Beach relaxation time. But, if pressed for an answer, as we often are, we'd have to admit that when we spy on Claudia, it's the super amazing bottomside of hers that sinks our Titanics (if you know what I'm saying, and with a little embellishment as to the size of our vessels).

The 'killer tush' on the sextastic Claudia Romani reminds us that while a bikini body may be near perfect, to rise into the Egotastic! pantheon of  pretty damn special women, you've got to really be a gold medalist at certain exhibition skills. And that butt on Claudia, well, the minute we start imagining being the disciplinarian principal and Claudia the girl in need of a spanking, you know it's done its job well. Bless you, Claudia, for your wonderful gifts. Enjoy.