Clara McGregors Sexy Instagram

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rusty-mattis - August 14, 2017

Clara McGregor soaking in tub of lemons is not only sexy, but really damn brave. Of course that's not all Obi Wan Kenboi's daughter, the new Obi Wan, not the old Obi Wan, does on Instagram. She also seems to enjoy wearing a bikini. Yeah, the force is strong with her in a bikini, I can tell you that for sure. You know, I think name my next dirt bike Clara. It's a real pretty name and you need a pretty name for your bike. And you need to be thinking about a pretty girl when you are tearing up those tracks. I think naming my next bike after Clara McGregor is pretty smart idea, if I do say so myself.

One hot summer day when the AC broke, I took a nice tall glass of homemade lemonade into the tub with me to sit in some cold water. Wouldn't you know it, but that damn glass slipped out of my hand and the lemonade mixed with the bath water. At the moment every single cut on my body began to sting. It's something I will never do again. Still, there's nothing wrong with staring at Clara McGregor in a tub of lemons. Or if safety is more important, just stick with Clara McGregor in a bikini.

Photo Credit: Instagram