Claire Forlani Gets Her Boob Grabbed on Holiday

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bill-swift - January 13, 2012

Fear not, that is the husband of Britty thespianic Claire Forlani grabbing her tata in Mauritius, the tiny island nation off the coast of Africa where apparently it is custom to fondle a woman's funbag as a gesture of welcome. We tried the same custom here at Egotastic! for about two weeks and the result was a black eye, an injured left gonad, and now we have to go sign our name in with the local constables thrice a year. The point is, only try this at home.

We dug Claire Forlani in her role on CSI. We dig her even harder on NCIS. And, today, we are pretty OMFG about seeing her boob get grabbed. It's all good. Enjoy.