Christine Martin Candid Bikini Shots, Because Girls Love Guys With a Sense of Humor

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bill-swift - July 6, 2011

For years now we've been watching interviews with world-class celebrity hotties declaring that they don't care what a man looks like, or how famous he is, or what's in his bank account, they just want a man with a sense of humor. Major turn on. Of course, these same women are always hooked up with rich and hunky male actors or models, so, we kind of call bullshit on this cliche line. Then, along comes the super sextastic young beauty queen Christine Martin, who up and married British comedian and TV host Paddy McGuinness just a few short weeks ago. These Christine Martin bikini pictures courtesy of our friends at Nuts magazine, well, there's nothing funny about how hot and boobtastic this newlywed is.

Here's to Christine Martin, one sexy celebrity who actually drops her drawers for a funny one-liner.  Enjoy.