Chris Pratt’s Brand New Fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger’s Hottest Model Shots

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brian-mcgee - January 14, 2019

It's got to be hard being the daughter of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver, at least in terms of expectations that people may have of you. As far as genetics and name recognition, though, the world is her oyster and she's making the most out of it, and not just by shacking up with Star Lord.

At most angles, Katherine looks a lot like her Kennedy-related mother, but those teeth scream, "My dad is Arnold Schwarzenegger." You'd think she'd be lucky enough to skate by without too much of his genetics taking over, but she's doing the best she can with those teeth.

I kid, of course, she's drop dead gorgeous and any religious zealot would be happy to call her his fiancée, even one as zealous as Chris Pratt. I like to think that it doesn't affect my opinion of her that she's going to marry that hypocrite, but the more I learn about him, the less I like him.

Katherine Schwarzenegger, on the other hand, is just the opposite. The more I learn about her, the more I feel like I appreciate and like who she is. Now if she could just get herself the one thing she lacks, and that's better taste in men.

Photo Credit: Instagram / MEGA / Getty Images