Chris Brown Opens Up About Beating

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elliot-wolf - August 18, 2017

Chris Brown is starting to look like he's taking a knee when it comes to pandering to the internet's online offended culture. Domestic violence is never okay, but somehow Chris got labeled the poster princess for putting hands a woman. Never mind that a beating like that goes on in a trailer park in Alabama when steak and taters aren't done within a reasonable time. That's not domestic violence, it's just another Tuesday. No reporter coverage there. But the world stops when celebrities do it. In an obvious PR move, Chris made a documentary opening up about the beating to clear his name. Sort of. 

In this long awaited documentary, Chris Brown discussed, in detail, what happened between him and Rihanna! Many have waited years to find out what happened inside the car. Surprisingly, this isn't even the best part of the documentary. You can purchase the full documentary on all platforms. 

I'm not falling for this documentary. Don't like Chris? Don't buy his shit. Move on. You have to buy the documentary to watch it, and angry women who never purchase Brown's merch or music are the only ones leaving the woman beater comments on it. Way to generate publicity. Those purchase prices can help Chris recoup the lawyer fees he racked up fighting his case. Do better than being keyboard warriors. Constant angry online commenting won't un-punch Rihanna's face. In a society motivated by money, vote with dollars. Are women really that angry if his music keeps selling?

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