Chloe Sims Big Boobtastic Bikini Party in the South of Spain

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bill-swift - June 11, 2014

When the TOWIE girls head to Spain for filmed reality vacation, you can count on some good times, some heavy smoking, and a whole lot of girls with big racks showing off in bikinis. In that manner, British reality television is exactly the same as American reality television. Sex and bouncy girls sell. It's universal. Like salad bars being dangerous.

Chloe Sims is one of the finer TOWIE specimens of genteel ladyhood, a hard charging, bosomy girl who fits into each and every one of her bikinis with perfect sextastic. I could get used to have a girl like Chloe around on my next beach vacation. Not that my inflatable ducky raft and Primo Beer cooler don't make the party, but just something about the idea of ensuring Chloe is SPF protected over every inch of her body before leaving the hotel room sounds quite nice. I care about Chloe, dermatologically, and reproductively speaking. Enjoy.