Chloe Sims

Chloe Sims Big Boobtastic Bikini Party in the South of Spain

When the TOWIE girls head to Spain for filmed reality vacation, you can count on some good times, some heavy smoking, and a whole lot of girls with big racks showing off in bikinis. In that manner, British reality television is exactly the same as American reality television. Sex and bouncy girls sell. It’s universal. Like salad bars being dangerous.

Chloe Sims is one of the finer TOWIE specimens of genteel ladyhood, a hard charging, bosomy girl who fits into each and every one of her bikinis with perfect sextastic. I could get used to have a girl like Chloe around on my next beach vacation. Not that my inflatable ducky raft and Primo Beer cooler don’t make the party, but just something about the idea of ensuring Chloe is SPF protected over every inch of her body before leaving the hotel room sounds quite nice. I care about Chloe, dermatologically, and reproductively speaking. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims Bikini Pictures Are Big and Bootylicious on Spanish Holiday

Here’s two things you can count on with the girls from The Only Way is Essex, they will be barely contained in their bikinis and they will be in Spain. I know the Britty types love their Southern Spanish sun time, but the busty TOWIE girls seem to be there every weekend. And very much the center of attention.

We finally got to see stellar hot and abundantly abundant Chloe Sims topless almost a year ago now. What a fine day that was. Still a thrill to see her noteworthy bikini bum and ripe tops coming in and out of the water on the Iberian peninsula. She would be hard not to lose an upper vertebrae or two to whilst cranking the neck poolside. Some girls just demand a good kink. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims Topless Pictures Vie for Best TOWIE Pics Ever

Chloe Sims Shows the Goods in a Topless Lingerie Photoshoot
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Let’s be honest, reality shows by and large are enormous suckfest wastes of time and media space. A few exceptions, but, by and large. And even the shows such as The Only Way is Essex, strapped with young hot boobtastic celebutantes, you really will prefer the experience without sound.

But in the same instant we rightfully disparage these lowest common denominator shlockfests, we have to give props for the girls they do provide onto us. Case in point, Chloe Sims and her mega-funbags, which we’ve seen out many times late night almost falling out of her tops, and, now thanks to, well, dumb luck and some racy lingerie pictures, we get to see Chloe Sims in all her bare-topped glory.

Now, there will those of you who get all bent out of shape about the unnatural shape of Chloe’s humongous honkers, and I will happily quibble with you, once I’m done staring. Enjoy.


Amy Childs, Chloe Sims, and Tulisa Contostavlos Lead List of Cleavetastic Celebs at National Television Awards

You know how we love our hottie British TV starlets. The lasses with the fine asses and the year-round tans, all complementing their ridiculously flashy cleavetastic ever on display be it at 3am after a inebriated night on the town, or on the red carpet at the National Television Awards last night in the U.K., where some of our favorite soap stars and reality show vixens flashed their finer womanly wares.

While there were numerous and sextastic sundry ladies strutting the red carpet, a few stood out more than others in our ogling minds, including Chloe Sims, Amy Childs, Tulisa Contostavlos, Jessica Wright, Jorgie Porter, Lauren Pope, and newcomer to us, Carol Vorderman, who at age 51 still put on a noticeably rocking hot decked out with big fun bags performance last night.

It was all good for the telly treats. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims Flashes Panties On Another Blinkered London Night

Big boobs. Big lipstick. A nice upskirt. Just another wild party night for one of our favorite TOWIE girls, Chloe Sims, another DJ (how many of these celeb girls are now DJs and remind me again how this is an actual job). Nevertheless, with a chest like Chloe’s and a glutton for party-time punishment, you can bet that Chloe Sims is a paparazzi favorite; there’s going to be tops falling out or bottoms exposed almost guaranteed after midnight on the streets, let alone exiting a rickshaw cab.

And, yes, we respect that. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims and Lauren Pope Cleavage, Sideboob Pictures For a Hardcore Party Night in London

You know it’s a damned good night of partying when your evening ends in the early morning at a hospital treating one or another of your posse for various cuts and wounds. Such were the adventures of boobtastic The Only Way is Essex reality starlets Chloe Sims, she of major cleavage, and Lauren Pope, she of major sideboob, the two of them and other pals from the show rather snookered as they made their way around London town through the night, until the inevitable emergency room visit for some bleeding limbs.

Talk about your party girl reality, nobody’s got anything on these randy DJ girls from Essex. Enjoy.

Chloe Sims Misfits Management Christmas Party in Liverpool