Cheeky Ashley Tisdale Gets Too Much Sun In Tulum

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aldo-vallon - August 5, 2018

If there are any generous Mexicans in the vicinity of Tulum who have an aloe plant, we would all be grateful if you made your way over to Ashley and showed her some mercy. Even a well prepared tourist would be acceptable. I am not trying to discriminate against anyone’s help.

Clearly Ashley’s gringo skin is ill-equipped for anything south of Boston. Whoever put the idea into her head that Tulum would be a great vacation destination should be put before a firing squad without even being given the courtesy of a last smoke. And if he is not a smoker then he should be forced to smoke. Show no mercy to the Benedict Arnold who showed none to Ashley.

If it was up to me we would enact a more medieval punishment on him, but the world has gone soft and there are laws against that type of thing now. For the record I find that ridiculous. People were being burned at the stake for hundreds of years, and yet we claim enlightenment and no longer want to be associated with it. But I ask you this, what would a more fitting punishment be for this traitor than to burn?


Photo Credit: Backgrid USA