Charlotte McKinney Panty Flash Going To Van Nuys Airport

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michael-garcia - August 8, 2016

The delectable Charlotte McKinney flashed a bit of panty on her way to the Van Nuys airport. I didn't even know Van Nuys had an airport, but if hotties like Charlotte hang out there flashing their drawers then I'm getting a job there. Charlotte was dressed in a super short skirt and bare mid-riff revealing top. Her legendary ta-tas were looking as fine as ever, of course. Very few women can even approach the level of funbags that Charlotte's chichis belong in. But it was her skirt that revealed the most as she descended some stairs. The flaps of the skirt flew open to reveal her panties. What lies underneath we can only imagine. All of that crowns the top of her spectacular pair of legs. They are toned, smooth, and oh so satisfying.

It must be nice to take private planes everywhere. Usually you can just flash whatever underwear you want on one of those things and no one cares. When you are that rich you pretty much have carte blanche.  


Photo Credit: PacificCoastNews