Charlotte Gainsbourg Black Bikini In Saint Tropez

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michael-garcia - August 12, 2016

Lars Von Trier's muse Charlotte Gainsbourg was seen frolicking in St. Tropez in a black bikini. Have you seen Trier's Nymphomaniac or The Antichrist? She is all kinds of naked and having sex in those movies. It's rumored the sex was even real. But for today we have to get by with these pics of her bikinied out. Charlotte has a delightful pair of perkies that I am personally a big fan of. She's nipping through the suit something serious as well. There is something about Charlotte that makes her hella sexy. She's attractive but isn't your conventional type of beautiful and yet...and would trip over yourself if you had the opportunity to be with her. We could enact scenes from Nymphomaniac...not so much from The Antichrist

I studied Lars Von Trier's movies in film school. It was just an excuse to ogle hot women especially Charlotte. I got an A in that class. 


Photo Credit: FameFlynet