Charlize Theron Romances Seth Rogen (Okay, Sure) in Red Band Trailer for ‘Long Shot’

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brian-mcgee - March 18, 2019


As someone who has repeatedly been told he looks like Seth Rogen, I can safely say that no matter how close I got to a woman that looked like Charlize Theron, I would have absolutely no shot with her. My night with Charlize would probably be a lot like Patton Oswalt's night with her in Young Adult where she basically disavows the entire thing the next morning.

However, the movies are a magical place that can make you believe a man can fly, a rat can cook a gourmet meal, and Seth Rogen has any shot whatsoever with Charlize Theron. In Long Shot, Rogen plays a down on his luck journalist—is there any other kind these days?—who lands a job working for his former babysitter, Theron, the current Secretary of State who is about to launch a presidential campaign.

The sheer number of issues I already have with this movie and I've only seen two minutes of it. This resides in that same pocket with that PTL movie I have to see a trailer for every time I go to the god damned movies where Chrissy Metz is married to Josh Lucas. Come the fuck on. I would say it might be a case of maybe she didn't lose the baby weight, but their kid is clearly adopted. This trend needs to stop.

Long Shot opens May 3, the weekend after Avengers: Endgame, so you might say it's something of an underdog that weekend.