Character Actress Encouraged To Lose Weight For A-List Superstardom

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elliot-wolf - July 3, 2018

Women are powerful. Most men are told to find work elsewhere when they’re unable to perform the primary duties of their job. Women  just rewrite the description of their what their duties entail. As an actress, you’re pretty much paid to be thin and attractive. And that’s why Amber Tamblyn’s agent told her to lose weight so she could find more work for her in her field of choice. Because if she wanted to remain on her path to becoming a whale a Free Willy reboot or talent at SeaWorld would be her only employment options available in the future. Amber is spilling the beans about how her agent encouraged anorexia to become an A-list elite.

In 2008 Amber Tamblyn was 21 and fresh off her hit role as Libby in the second Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants movie. But despite her rising star power, Tamblyn said that her agent encouraged her to lose weight. The actress, now 35, talked about the pressures on young women, the #MeToo movement and the release of her first novel, Any Man, during a conversation with New York Times reporter Jodi Kantor.

Tamblyn said that her agent at Warner Bros. called to congratulate her on the movie’s success, and to push her to lose weight. “I think at that point I was 128 pounds and I’m 5’7″. I remember my agent saying to me — and she was a woman — ‘You have a real choice here. You can either be Nicole Kidman or you can be a character actress,’ ” Tamblyn said.

I’m surprised that a woman was surprised such a superficial field like acting actually required her to stand out. If a profession that paid millions of dollars was easy, every fatty would do. You can’t have your McDonalds and eat it too if you want to be on the big screen. If an agent suggesting weight loss is so damaging to your self-esteem why not work a regular job? Probably because a lifelong career in waiting tables is also damaging to your self-esteem with a only a fraction of the income that acting would provide.

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