Zaira Nara

READER FINDS: Zaira Nara Covered Topless, Adriana Lima See-Through Boobtastic, Rosie Huntington-Whitely Flashing, Rihanna Poking, and Fanny Francois Nekkid Part Deux



This week’s edition of Reader Finds uncovers a vast array of celebrity hotness past and present, like a sea floor of sextastic life only discovered when deep water technology became available to scan its sweet depths. Contributions from the crazy bastards who frequent this site include Zaira Nara, Adriana Lima, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Rihanna, and Fanny Francois. Is very nice.
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Zaira Nara Flashes Her Bodacious Bikini Body for Extra Miami Heat

Now, here’s an introduction I’m quite pleased to make. Zaira Nara, ridiculously sexy Argentinean model and girlfriend of lucky-as-hell Uruguayan footballer, Diego Forlan, looking all kinds of bikini body perfect on vacation in Miami (with said boyfriend, who we of course cut out of these couples pictures, because, if you want to see topless dudes not named Bieber, you’re on the wrong site).

In my next life, I’ve already decided I’m coming back as a big time professional athlete; I was thinking praying mantis or chunk of wood, but I’ve reconsidered and I want pro athlete. Not the kind of dunderhead who gives Kim Kardashian a $2 million engagement ring; but the kind who gets to bump uglies with the likes of Cheryl Cole or Irina Shayk or Zaira Nara. Enjoy.