Zahia Dehar

Zahia Dehar Cleavetastic Performance at Paris Fashion Week

If you look hard enough at Fashion Week, past the empty glitz and glamour and $600 pairs of pants, you will always find something ogle-worthy and quite eyeball friendly. Case in point, Zahia Dehar decked out and cleaved out to show off her lingerie line. You may remember Zahia Dehar as the former scandal-plagued teen prostitute. I prefer to think of her as the current Algerian-French hottie with whom I’d like to motorboat until Frère Jacques wakes up. She strikes quite a pose, a refreshing change of pace from the typical Euro fashion designers.

I learned long ago never to dig into a woman’s past, just try desperately to dig into her present day goodies. It’s like finding a treasure chest buried in the sand. Any time you spend wondering where it came from rather than plundering its riches is time wasted. Grab the gold. Smile. Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar See-Through Dress at Her Boutique Launch in Paris

Zahia Dehar Almost Spills Out of Her Dress at Paris Fashion Week

You know what they say, former teen prostitutes make the hottest fashion designers (well, they ought to say that) as blonde Algerian-French hottie Zahia Dehar made her way in front of the cameras as Paris Fashion Week and almost bounced right out of her top.

Now, while we know little about fashion, we know enough to say that sweet deep cleavage is never out of style; so despite her slightly off-putting Barbie Doll facial make-up and the little lamb she was petting (unless, you know, you’re into that kind of thing thanks to some unusual gender reversal Little Bo Peep forced childhood play time experiences), Zahia wins the award for most watchable celebrity yet at the hoity-toity Frenchy designers confab. Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar Sports a Dress So Short Her Cheeks Shine in St. Tropez

Consider this a weird, but ironic vision: when we saw French teen prostitute turned lingerie fashion designer Zahia Dehar in St. Tropez in a butt cheek flashing short dress, from the side we first thought it was our oft-covered life’s vacationer Victoria Silvstedt pulling another flesh flash in the Mediterranean hotspot. Could be the big blonde hair, the curvaceous body, the style of revealing dress, or the professional-working lady connection, or all of the above.

Nevertheless, we happen to dig Zahia Dehar, so we’re happy it’s her cheeks were ogling this morning here. A young woman who rose up out of scandal to not shy away from her sexuality, but flaunt it both personally and in her lingerie designing work. It’s all so very French, and kind of perversely hot that when you throw in Zahia’s extraordinarily S-shaped body, you have a real story to tell (and watch).

Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Lawrence, and Zahia Dehar Provides a Trifecta of Hotness at Amber Lounge Charity Event

Beyond all the glitzy premiere and glamorous parties, the Cannes Film Festival also serves as the centerpiece for a number of great charitable events; I say ‘great’ somewhat because they generally seem to support worthwhile charitable concerns, but mostly because they bring out the even super better looking celebrities who want to see and be seen looking their finest while doing their public service.

The Amber Lounge Charity Benefit in Cannes over the weekend brought out a number of supremely sextastic looking ladies, but being a practical man, and realizing that after three to eleven glasses of French champagne, I could probably full satisfy no more than three of these hotties, I had to make my list from the evening crowd, and that went to Vanessa Hudgens, who looked all kinds of grown up hotness, Jennifer Lawrence whose bodily hunger games I would like to dine on in very private, and French teen prostitute turned lingerie fashion designer, Zahia Dehar, because there’s just something special about young blonde girls with exotic looks who know lots of secrets. There just is. Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar Young, Hot, Boobtastic in V Magazine

You know we have a thing for Zahia Dehar, this young French former teen prostitute turned lingerie designer turned mini-obsession of our heart.

Featured in V magazine, Zahia brings her own unique sense of kitschy style, merges it with a big dash of the universally be-lusted hot blonde with big funbags, and creates some visual treats for all of those man-folk out there who just might happen to love hot, bodacious, twenty-year old young women. Any takers? Enjoy.

Zahia Dehar, Our Favorite Former Teen Call-Girl, Launches New Lingerie Line at Paris Fashion Week

She’s actually the designer, not the model, but we just had to check out Zahia Dehar, the scandalous French teen recently caught up in the underage call-girls for soccer stars ring in France, now turned junior fashion designer, starting with what she knows best — naughty wear. You throw in the fact that Zahia is super hot her ownself, not to mention now completely legal, and you have one fashion show that men simply must virtually attend.

We’ve come to have a fondness in our heart for Zahia, the reformed teen hooker with the body of gold, and we can most definitely appreciate her sense of style, not to mention that ridiculous body underneath that style. Enjoy.