Vida Guerra

Vida Guerra Thongs Like A Champ And Other Fine Things To Ogle


No one wears a thong like Vida Guerra. (TMZ)

Chicks taking scantily clad selfies in a mirror? Yes, please! (The Chive)

Scout Willis wears a see-through dress and it is good. (WWTDD)

Halle Berry proves she still has it in a short black dress. (Huffington Post)

Karmen Pedaru shows off her nekkid booty for Muse. (Drunken Stepfather)

Xenia Deli in a bikini will make your eyeballs sweat. (Hollywood Tuna)

Gisele Bundchen is covered topless for Stuart Weitzman. (COED)

Vida Guerra Bikini Booty Show Continues in Miami

What God has put together, let no man put asunder, and all that marital service platitude can easily be used to refer to the bottomside of Vida Guerra, on display once more over the weekend in Miami. Although, by asunder, I don’t suppose that means the cleaving of those perfect veteran bottom cheeks, all tan and sextastic in the water and sun. This man here might like to asunder those bad girls.

I’m going to just assume some higher power crafted that booty, and that Vida is giving thanks for her gifts by exposing them to the general viewing public, sharing her blessed treats with the world. That’s a good woman. That’s a devout woman. And that’s a woman we can adore from every angle. Enjoy.

Vida Guerra Bikini Pictures Continue Their Curvy Miami Beach Domination

Wow, the return of Vida Guerra to active bikini duty along the beach has been more than a pleasant surprise of late. We’ve missed the Cuban born curvaceous veteran model who not only has tons of hotness left in her tank, she has at least a couple tank-fulls from what I can see in these latest bikini candids.

For all the emphasis we place on lean and mean, is there anything finer than a heaping double handful of booty on a woman? I know, don’t think to long as you ponder that answer, you might hurt yourself. Enjoy.

Vida Guerra Bikini Pictures Have Tons of Booty Mojo Still Working

Cuban hottie Vida Guerra has long been known for her luscious curves, and that reputation is going to keep on keeping on, so long as Vida provides bikini body shows as she did in Miami yesterday.

The now 39 year old Latina glamour model still has the top and bottom S-curves working at full bore and maximum lust inducement, at least for any man who admires the booty-side of a sultry looking lady. So, 99.2% of you. It’s been a little while since we’ve seen so much skin from Vida. We’ll never say ‘well worth the wait’ since we hate waiting, but we will say we are all salacious smiles here this morning. Enjoy.

Vida Guerra Classic Topless Posing for the Bunny, And Asstastic Lusters Everywhere

Click to See Uncensored

Check-Out-Vida-Guerra-on-Playboy-PlusWe got some great response to photos of Vida Guerra and her world-class asstastic in jeans we featured last week, but we were surprised just how many of you had no idea who she was, let alone have seen her from her fully nekkid and hot booty spread in Playboy magazine a few years back. It’s simply one of our favorite pictorials ever. And, for anybody who proudly calls themselves an ass-man, well, you ought be ashamed if you haven’t properly perused the Cuban hottie’s bottom side fully exposed.

Check out Vida Guerra all kinds of wicked hot in her birthday suit, and be sure to get in on this 50% off discount to PlayboyPlus running for Ego Readers, because it is truly one of the most stocked, if not the most stocked, hot skin-filled celebrity and model nekkid site on the web. I visit daily myself. Just for research purposes, naturally. Enjoy.

Ay Cubana! Vida Guerra Has Her Asstastic Working Overtime in Skin Tight Jeans

We really have missed Cuban born model Vida Guerra and her award winning asstastic (yep, she’s actually won awards for those two scoops of bottom wonderments). We rarely see the sultry brunette roaming about these days in her fun time bodily exhibitions, so quite the pleasant surprise when we spotted her in skin tight jeans in Hollywood, flashing her twin canned goodness, with one of the finest badonkadonks in the land still delivering the good at thirty-eight years of age.

There’s some magic in a most magnificent keester; a bit of hind side delight that does not easily fade into the distance. And while we get major stimulating type feelings watching Vida Guerra walk away, we never want her to ever go away. Enjoy.

Weekly Sextastic Twitpic Roundup Includes Candace Bailey, Shakira, The Michalka Sisters, and Much Much More…

Oh, blessed mother of self-published pics, how you grace us. There really is no better modern day phenomenon, a billion dollars worth of Instagram phenomenon, than sextastic celebrities shooting pictures of themselves on their camera phones and distributing them out to the world wide digisphere. Wunderbar.  

This weeks Sextastic Twitpic roundup includes self-shot contributions from G4 hottie hostess, Candace Bailey, some bunny love from Shakira, a couple of at home shots from AJ Michalka and Aly Michalka, Sara Jean Underwood mounting another woman, Kendall Jenner bikini teen delights, and so much more we can’t even list it all. It’s a veritable plethora of personal celebrity pics that must be seen to be appreciated. Enjoy.