Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens, Audrina Patridge, Bella Thorne Highlight the Hotness at the Young Hollywood Awards

I’m not really sure what the Young Hollywood Awards are about, only that it seemed like most of the guests were not all that terribly young. Okay, in their 20′s mostly, but considering the categories were kiddy stuff such as Best Onscreen Kiss and Favorite Bromance, I’m thinking it was geared toward a much younger audience. But, stupid silly award shows aside, the hotties showed up to walk the red carpet. Young Hollywood past and present such as Vanessa Hudgens who looks better than ever before if I might say, Audrina Patridge who I understand is newly single and ever bikini hot, Bella Thorne, the darling ingenue of Hollywood, Jessica Lowndes, underrated body faptastic, and several more.

When you have an awards show at the end of July, you’re not expecting super amounts of attention. Which is perhaps why we didn’t get as much leg and skin as we get at the bigger shows. Still, I’m never looking a gift horse in the mouth, especially one with pretty pucker like Vanessa Hudgens. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Wearing Tight Shorts Out In Studio City

Actress and professional hottie Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing tight short shorts in Studio City. She tried to cover up her face with whatever horrible green concoction she was drinking but her amazing body was in full view. As is her habit she was wearing some very short and tight shorts. There is a bit of the toe of the camel, the shorts riding up just right to show off the contours of her lady area. She was also wearing a crop top shirt which showed off her incredible bare midriff. Of all the bare midriffs we talk about here on Egotastic, her’s might be my favorite. Not only is it toned and flat, she also always wears a belly button ring. For some reason I find that incredibly sexy.

I don’t know what’s in those green drinks but if whatever is in it is what helps her stay in such redonkulously good shape, may I offer to buy a round.

Happy Birthday, America (Here’s Some Hot Celebrities in Bikinis Sucking Popsicles)

For all her cracks and creaking floorboards, there’s no place like home. Happy 238th birthday, America. You may be too prude for boobs in magazines and on television, but like my conservative Aunt Ella, you still manage to surprise me each Christmas with a different color pair of winter socks.

To celebrate the birth of the nation, we’ve put together a few red white and blue bikini and popsicle sucking photos of some of the hottest celebrities celebrating the 4th and summer in the most exposing and tongue-licking way possible. Yes, it’s a crude birthday present, America, but don’t worry, my Aunt Ella got you some socks to keep your feet warm. Happy Birthday.

Vanessa Hudgens Preening, Stretching, Steam Hot in Spandex Shorts for Hot Hiking Time

Vanessa Hudgens may often cover her face when she’s running about in public, but she never does cover that tightly worked out minxy body of hers. Not since a year or two ago when she started getting earnestly into fitness and turned her Disney teen star female form into one hot grown up taut lady body. She really is one of the secretly tightest bodied hottie in Hollywood. Well the secret is out now.

Vanessa picked the perfect outfit for a warm day’s hike in Tinsel Town. Tight Spandex shorts and an athletic top short enough to show off her midriff. Sure, she could wear sweats and an oversized tee, but where’s the fun in that. We thank Vanessa for sharing the blessings of her body with us, and for pretending she doesn’t want to be noticed. You don’t work out that much just for personal resolutions. Vanessa, we need to hike together sometime. Call me when you’re up for a 1/4 mile on a relatively flat surface. I’ll get my crosstraining sandals. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Shows Off Her Toned Tummy

Actress and hot person Vanessa Hudgens went hiking in California wearing only a sports bra. This allowed all watchers to enjoy her perfectly toned stomach. It’s seriously one of our favorite abdomens here at Egotastic. If we were to create a perfect specimen of womanhood from the spare parts of celebrities, her stomach would be our first choice. The fact that she is always sporting some pretty sexy navel jewelry helps. A lot. Whenever I’m in California I always like the fact that many ladies go hiking in just their sports bras. It’s the only reason I ever agree to go on hikes. Alas, here in New York Cityyou rarely see ladies out and about in just their bras. It’s too cold for most of the year and the rest of the time you’d run the risk of getting your boobs honka honkaed by some crazy homeless guy named Syphilitic Pete.

What I’m saying is that I celebrate Vanessa’s choice of hiking attire.

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff Showing Off Her Belly Ring

The lovely Vanessa Hudgens was spotted in LA showing off her bare-midriff in a crop top shirt. The High School Musical star turned indie hippie chick was out shopping when she was spotted be the photographers. Vanessa tried to cover her lovely face with her shopping bags but did nothing to occlude our view of her lovely belly. For that, we thank her. Vanessa has quite a prominent belly ring and she like to show it off a lot. I’m not one for piercings and all that but I do love me a girl with a belly button ring. Maybe it’s because it calls attention to the midriff, an often neglected part of the body. Maybe it’s that it is the midpoint between ta-ta and lady bits. Whatever it is, I am all about it.

Vanessa clearly likes to show off her mid-section and why not? It’s spectacular. Her body makes me want to dance around a school cafeteria. Metaphorically, of course.

Vanessa Hudgens Hot Hot Booty Booty in Tights Post-Workout

Just a couple days ago we saw Vanessa Hudgens shaking her wicked hot bikini thumper on a yacht. Well, they don’t just hand out those kinds of booties at the local Walmart. You’ve got to work for the seat of perfection. And Vanessa hits the gym and Pilates class regularly to shape, mold, and tighten those twin cans of deliciousness she carries behind her everywhere she goes.

Vanessa was spotted once again leaving her gym with some nice tight sheer tights that showed off the perfection that is her alluring behind. Oh, she’s not exactly hiding her hard work. And why should she? She regularly promotes her movies, why not be pimping that which we can all agree is actually worth leering at for a couple of hours? Whoa, booty! Vanessa, bless you. Enjoy.