Vanessa Hudgens

Vanessa Hudgens and One Slinky Black Dress, That’s All You Need

Vanessa Hudgens is one of those Hollywood minxes who is casual by day, but gets decked out ever so hot by night, especially when in Paris for a film premiere. The little Disney girl certainly has grown up both in private photos and public appearances into one naughty confident sextastic siren.

On the red carpet for Gimme Shelter in Paris, Vanessa stole the lens of every paparazzi with her perfectly body hugging shimmering black dress, reminding gentleman oglers everywhere why this girl deserves far more attention on top ten lists come the end of the year than she typically gets. Unless you’re receiving her personal photos via email, she’s not obvious in any way. Just super crazy hot. Vanessa, you’re on my list, all of them. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Braless Green Dress Could Save the Planet

Vanessa Hudgens took her hot little minxy self up to San Francisco for some kind of green event. I don’t know what exactly, but she wore green and is probably going to save the planet from the bad guys and, most importantly of all, she wasn’t wearing any bra in her very stunning grown up gown. I’m a huge fan of Vanessa Hudgens. Seeing her recently set of naughty selfies that I actually just seconds later now deny seeing, I’m an even bigger fan. Vanessa can protest all she likes. She’s hot and she loves to get nekkid. Sadly, not at this formal event.

Vanessa Hudgens has the power and hot body skill set to be a real game changer in the world of the sextastic. We’ve seen this talent since her teen days. She’s not the High School Musical girl, she’s the girl you’re lucky to have as your girlfriend if but for some brief, passionate period of time. I hope she lets loose more often and in more legal circumstances. This braless evening is a solid start. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens, Gigi Hadid, And More Hotties At Knott’s Scary Farm Opening In California

A veritable bevy of hotness was on hand to celebrate the opening of Knott’s Scary Farm in California. Vanessa Hudgens was there in what looks to be a black silk nighty. I guess she wanted to go directly to bed afterwards and looks sexy as F while doing so. Gigi Hadid came baring mid-riff in a crop top shirt. In fact, many of the ladies were showing abdomen skin that night. Sadie Calvano certainly did in her short black shirt. Ditto with Peyton List‘s revealing black and white striped bare belly extravaganza. Ireland Baldwin brought a shirt that showed off a little bit of her black lacey bra. And Cassie Scerbo had on a pair of black shiny short shorts that displayed her long beautiful legs. It was less a night of frights and more of a steamy sexy plethora of hotness.

I think the girls were dressing up like the girls from horror movies that the killer always goes after. They are usually sexy and scantily clad.

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff in Crotch Hugging Stretchies

Sometimes, I giggle to myself when I see Vanessa Hudgens leaving her workout places and raising her arms to cover her face while exposing her taut, worked out, super fine body. I don’t giggle too much to myself as they do use that as an excuse still to commit me for 72 hours. I yearn to be free and discuss the hotness that is Vanessa Hudgens, her implied modesty, and naturally her perhaps less than modest selfies that were leaked out recently which I can’t really speak of, but… yep, I’m giggling to myself again. Vanessa has one wicked hot body, clothed, unclothed, or in the middling stages like this half shirt and stretch pants hugging every blessed inch of her fine female form, lady nest included.

I’m not exactly sure what Vanessa hopes to gain by covering her face partially and showing off her tremendously fine midriff. Though I may just have answered my own question. If I looked at hot as Vanessa, I’d flaunt the shizz out of my appearance every where I went. Actually, if I looked like Vanessa I’d be locked 24 hours a day in my bubble bath with my ceiling mirror and toys, but, theoretically, I’d certainly not be hiding my pretty face in public. But, to each their own. Provided we get to ogle, I’m all good with Vanessa’s right to want to have a purse in front of her face. Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens Sports Some Camel Toe In LA

The always lovely Vanessa Hudgens showed off some serious camel toe in LA. She was sporting a pair of thin brown tights that were quite form fitting. One of the forms that could clearly be discerned through the tights was her lady bits. I do so like a camel toe on a hot woman. In normal life you regularly see their cleavage but their swimsuit area is always covered up. Camel toe is like cleavage in your pants. What is great about Vanessa is that she often has problems with camel toe. Well, I don’t know if you would call it a problem. I’m certainly OK with it. The tights also hugged and accentuated her nice, round booty. All that yoga or whatever that she always seems to be doing is paying off butt dividends.

I think Vanessa should get a bronze mold taken of her camel toe and donate it to a museum. I would gladly go to the Getty Museum to see her swimsuit area on display.

Vanessa Hudgens Topless Naked Leaked Selfies, The Fappening 2.0


Updated Note: You can see all the Fappening 2.0 photos in their glory on DrunkenStepfather. (**sorry, these are now gone)

Editor’s Note: we will not be publishing these photos for the time being pursuant to hot boobs code something or other. However, I’m quite certain that Reddit will be maintaining Fappening 2.0 photos, as well as Subreddits and other more bold users who don’t fear the wrath of Khan. I can’t give any credence to these links or what you might find, but funbags and lady nests seem likely. Hide the children and the family pets, please.

(Lex at WWTDD has a stunningly quick response to today’s celebrity leaked nudes and maybe some better links.)

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Um, damn. Somebody get the ice, the emollients, the aloe vera gel, and the Santeria priestess to pray that my happy parts don’t fall of checking out the full nekkid selfies of super hottie Vanessa Hudgens. Oh, man, those funbags and that beautiful lady nest. Where these photos come from, I think still remains to be seen. I don’t know. I don’t ask, I’m too busy in a catatonic state of obsession and visual wonderment.

Vanessa Hudgens is absolutely positively one of the finest meow kitties in young Hollywood today. Seeing her in the flesh and bone and not caring so much about the bone, well, I feel fully confirmed in my previous rankings. Vanessa kind of burst onto the ogling scene years ago now with some naughty selfies from her wild teen days. Now, this. It’s like witnessing a mini-miracle of the sextastic. Now, I need more ice! Enjoy.

Vanessa Hudgens, Audrina Patridge, Bella Thorne Highlight the Hotness at the Young Hollywood Awards

I’m not really sure what the Young Hollywood Awards are about, only that it seemed like most of the guests were not all that terribly young. Okay, in their 20′s mostly, but considering the categories were kiddy stuff such as Best Onscreen Kiss and Favorite Bromance, I’m thinking it was geared toward a much younger audience. But, stupid silly award shows aside, the hotties showed up to walk the red carpet. Young Hollywood past and present such as Vanessa Hudgens who looks better than ever before if I might say, Audrina Patridge who I understand is newly single and ever bikini hot, Bella Thorne, the darling ingenue of Hollywood, Jessica Lowndes, underrated body faptastic, and several more.

When you have an awards show at the end of July, you’re not expecting super amounts of attention. Which is perhaps why we didn’t get as much leg and skin as we get at the bigger shows. Still, I’m never looking a gift horse in the mouth, especially one with pretty pucker like Vanessa Hudgens. Enjoy.