Vanessa Arias

Vanessa Hudgens Bares Midriff In LA

Actress and bonafide hot person Vanessa Hudgens showed off her perfect midriff after a workout in LA. The former High School Musical star tried to cover her face with her phone and purse when she spotted the photographers, but she seemed alright with displaying her lovely abs. Vanessa has a seriously well-toned stomach, which is probably what she was working on in the gym. Looking like that doesn’t just happen, you know. She also dazzled pedestrians with her pierced belly button. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, a belly button piercing is one of the sexiest of accessories. It’s the one body piercing that I advocate every hot girl get immediately if not sooner. I like a girl that jingles when she walks. Is that weird?

I admire anyone who can stay in shape like that. It takes more will power than I have. It’s just that doughnuts and pizza are too delicious.

Vanessa Arias Drops Some Seriously Sextastic Soap Star Hotness for Chilanga Surf Magazine

We do love us our Mexican telenovelas. As you know, we got a guy who tilts our oversized roof antenna in the direction of the ancient Mayan temples to the South which provides us an unlimited set of Spanish language channels from which to consume our hottie-filled daytime dramas. The end result, well, a few lost IQ points, but, more importantly, an entire new set of crazy hot bitch-slapping Latina thespianics to drool over, including the likes of raven-haired hottie Vanessa Arias, who’ve seen flashing her bare necessities before.

Featured in the upcoming edition of Chilanga Surf magazine, Vanessa shows that she can be wicked hot with some of her clothes still on. And while we can not fully condone this practice of sextastic women wearing clothes, we can undoubtedly say that we would pay for the privilege of having Vanessa Arias slap up us with the side of her shoe just for being a very naughty doctor. Enjoy.

Vanessa Arias Topless Pictures Go To Extreme Levels of Hotness

Vanessa Arias in April's H para Hombres
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We do so lust our telenovela stars south of the border. The super hottie bitch slapping high heel wearing bad girls from some of the most gut-wrenching drama available on our 22-foot satellite dish illegally mounted across the top of our penthouse offices. We can’t understand much of what is going on, but we know it’s heartbreaking.

And in the lower organ breaking category, veteran soap star Vanessa Arias shines once more in a pictorial spread, as it were, for her home country’s H Extremo magazine where Vanessa just gets all kinds of muy muy sexual and makes me wish I was the abodago or doctore on the receiving end of her lovelorn assaults. Oh, how I’d let her slap me silly. Disfruta.

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Vanessa Arias Topless Outtakes from Her Ridiculously En Fuego Playboy Mexico Pictorial

Vanessa Arias Topless in Playboy Mexico
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(Thanks to ‘Stan the Man’ for this too late for publication addition to this week’s Reader Finds, but a definite must share.)

We do so love outtakes. We do so love sweet hot sultry Latina soap stars. The original Vanessa Arias Playboy Mexico pictorial remains one of our favorite of all time, so imagine our child-like glee to get a chance to privately peruse then publicly share these outtakes from the very same photoshoot.

As you know, we spend a great deal of time in the Egotastic! office with our eyes (and corazones) trained to Spanish-language soaps, just by sheer force of hotiness. Vanessa Arias is a teleonovela veteran that simply can’t be overlooked in terms of special goodness, if not bitch slapping abilities. And, today, we share her finer assets. Que bonita!

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Soap Star Vanessa Arias Bares All For Playboy Mexico


I laugh, I cry, I kiss one sweet hour goodbye every time I watch my Mexican soap, Llena De Amor, it literally fills me with love. Those of you still without Univision have no idea what you’re missing. Crappy tearjerking and face-slapping soap operas suddenly go from insufferable to awesome when you can barely understand what is being said and that itself is being said by super sultry Latina hotties like Vanessa Arias, who like so many of her sexy south-of-the-border actress cohorts has no problem taking it all off for Playboy and other Latin American magazines. And, well, thank you. Vanessa Arias brings the boobs, the butt, the hot body to bear as she bares all for her fans, as any proper actress should. Bless you, Latin American sexy celebrities for daring to let me dream. Enjoy.