Tiffani Thiessen

Tiffani Thiessen Celebrates Her Birthday With Some Boudoir Hotness ‘In Her Place’

If there’s two things we dig it’s all grow’d up childhood female stars like Tiffani Thiessen, and the Me in My Place photoseries from photographer Michael Edwards, wherein super hot girls drop down to little bits of clothes in their bedroom.

Today being Tiffani’s birthday, her 39th to be precise, we are fortunate to have a sampling of her sextastic boudoir photoshoot, revealing a bit of the old Kelly Kapowski from Saved By the Bell, merged with some now veteran MILFtastic hotness. It’s all kind of working quite well.

To see the full set of Tiffani Thiessen photos, visit Me in My Place.

(Do not forget to be the cool kid who gets the Me in My Place web app, for all your MIMP hotness needs.)

READER FINDS: Kristen Bell Upskirt, Jordan Hinson Covered Topless, Tiffani-Amber Thiessen See-Through and Much Much More…


This week’s coming together of the Egotastic! family, this week’s Reader Finds, is dedicated to all of you for making us your favorite inappropriate-waste-of-time online destination. We can’t stop gushing, which isn’t quite manly, but if you wear adult diapers, it hardly shows. Thank you again. And, now, onto the show…

This week’s Reader Finds includes what appears to be a Kristen Bell upskirt photo (thanks to ‘Andy’), Tiffani-Amber Thiessen in a classic see-through to the bare boobtastic watery set (kudos to EgoReader ‘Kurtis’), throwing out some gymnastics love to Aly Raisman (from admiring fan, ‘Marocococo’), Olivia Munn bikini sexy in The Babymakers (blessings to ‘Jason’), a crotch-a-licious Selena Gomez bikini view we missed (gracias to ‘Calogero’),  Eureka’s Jordan Hinson covered topless in a Chris Head photograph (thank you ‘Vike’), more more more by you obsessed Hayley-Marie Coppin topless fanatics (like you, EgoReader ‘Leigh’), Vanessa Ortiz booty-licious (you’re a good man, ‘Paul K.’), Nicole Neal topless from her introductory Nuts photoshoot (good on you ‘Ian K.), Hunter Leigh stripping down, we think she’s an adult model girl or something, but not sure, but (‘Lemony’ insisted we share her with you), and more Britty hotness with topless Peta Todd in her final Zoo magazine shoot ever  (thanks to ‘Nil J.’). Enjoy.

Tiffani Thiessen’s Bikini Video Isn’t Funny, But It Is Sexy

Tiffani Thiessen (formerly Tiffani Amber Thiessen) has a new video up on Funny or Die, explaining why she’s too busy too busy to do a Saved by the Bell reunion on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Except it’s really not funny. But it is damn sexy thanks to the part where Tiffani strips down to her bikini. And yes, she still looks as awesome as ever! Someone put her back on TV ASAP. Preferably in a bikini. Or less.

Watch the Video »