Teri Hatcher

Teri Hatcher Busting Out Of Her Tank Top and Hottie MILF Perfect in Shorts

Teri Hatcher might be just a couple months away from the big 5-0, but age is just a number to my view of the world of celebrity sextastic. Fifty is the new, damn, check out the hot mom in her tank top and tiny funny parts hugging shorts running around Los Angeles. Teri Hatcher is jogging most days with her daughter and the results are showing up as the veteran actress continues to impress with chestal assets and allure of the veteran some two decades after rising to super popularity.

I’m going to lightly to strongly suggest that all hot moms adopt something similar to the Teri Hatcher standard wardrobe of Hooters waitress on the move. If you’ve got it, please, I beg you, flaunt it. Covering up your MILfy goodness benefits nobody. C’mon, you’re sweating it out in yoga and Pilates more than just to feel good in the mirror. Shine your sextastic light on the world. Bless you, Teri Hatcher. Show us the way. Enjoy.

The Man of Steel’s Women: A Tribute to Lois Lanes

Behind every good man is a  great woman, or something. Well what if you are a super Man? That’s gotta be a more-than-super woman, right?

No, it’s not Superwoman…or even Wonder Woman, for that matter, it’s just brash big city reporter, Lois Lane. In animated, live-action, and made-for-TV forms, Ms. Lane has romanced the man of steel while also trying to figure out his secret identity. Sure, she’s usually cute and all, but she’s not the best reporter, having never grasped the fact that Clark Kent is just Superman with glasses and a suit. Oops.

Sharp or not, Lois Lane has been played by a fair share of hotties, both past and present. Among them: Teri Hatcher, Christina Hendricks, Stana Katic, Kate Bosworth, and Erica Durance

READER FINDS: Kendall Jenner Stripper Pole, Lea Seydoux Topless, Rihanna Nipple Ring, Lucy Collett Nekkid, and Much More…

Welcome to the Kardashians!

The first Reader Finds of 2012, and what a way to kick it off. Our best-on-the-net viewers have joined forces like the Wonder Twins activating to present a cornucopia of celebrity T&A the likes of which exists nowhere else in cyberspace. This is exactly why the Internet was invented.

Today’s Reader Finds includes an unexpected twist of young Kendall Jenner on the stripper pole, a topless pic of current Mission Impossible hottie, Lea Seydoux, as anticipated, another hot set of Page 3 Idol Winner Lucy Collett nekkid, Sara Jean Underwood without any clothes, a shot of what looks to be Rihanna with a new nipple ring, hot Euro model Nina Restic topless on her balcony, Lara Bingle in a sexy bikini swimsuit photoshoot, Teri Hatcher in a classic Lois upskirt, and Johanna Lundback in more see-through lingerie. Quite a collection indeed.

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Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria Work Their Bodies So Dudes Will Watch Desperate Housewives

The ladies of Wisteria Lane are back on the boob tube on Sunday Nights and… err, um, I mean, not that I watch Desperate Housewives, but, if I did, it would only be because of the several fine veteran hotties bitch slapping each other on the show, not the least of which are Teri Hatcher and Eva Longoria, featured in these rather amazing, albeit, slightly touched, promotional posters for this, the 8th season now of the chick-shtick show.

Teri and Eva representing the mature hotties. Enjoy.

Teri Hatcher and Emerson Rose Generational Gapping In Pilates

Speaking of celebrity moms and their girls hitting the candid camera circuit this morning, Teri Hatcher, a nicely ageless wonderment of the sextastic and pokey happiness fame, popped out of the gym this morning with her daughter Emerson Rose Hatcher in tow, proving that Teri is already thinking toward the next-gen of celebrity hotness; a true caretaker of the sextastic always leaves a carbon footprint hotter than they themselves created. Kudos to you, Teri, for keeping up those ‘spectacular’ funbags and for making the world a much more ogle friendly place. Enjoy.

Down on the Farm: Emerson Rose Hatcher Takes After MILF Mom Teri Hatcher

Well, it’s not like they grow the next generation of hotties in a laboratory (I mean, except for the Kardashian kids). Teri Hatcher, one of our super veteran lust-inducers, ups the ante in the battle for top MILF by not only looking hot herself, but showing she’s passing on the superior woman genes to her daughter, Emerson Rose Hatcher, both of whom were strutting the mom-daughter catwalk through Beverly Hills.

Listen up, hot moms. Teri Hatcher has thrown down the gauntlet. Legacy matters.

60th Annual Emmy Awards Mega Picture Post

The 60th Annual Emmy Awards were held last night, and I totally forgot they were on. Of course, I’m pretty damn sure I didn’t miss anything. If you’ve seen one award show, you’ve seen them all, and been bored every time. Still, that doesn’t mean I would neglect to post all the celebrities in their fancy dresses.

In attendence were all the regular TV hotties, but my personal favourites were Hayden Panettiere, Evangeline Lilly, Heidi Klum, January Jones, the mega-booblicious Christina Hendricks, a possibly augmented Julie Benz, an out-of-place, but still really cute Lauren Conrad, and the newly-MILF-tastic Kathleen Robertson, and her even awesomer then usual cleavage.

You’ll find the full set of over 200 pictures, and lots more celebs, after the jump.

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