Taylor Momsen

Taylor Momsen Up Arrow Points Toward Her Lady Nest and a Great Week Ahead

I’m not a man who believes in too much superstition. Though I do believe in certain kinds of signs. Like arrows. They’re relatively easy to interpret, which is why we use them so much to provide direction. I guess Taylor Momsen feels the same way with the arrow painted on her nekkid body for promotion of hew new album, Going to Hell.

It’s hard not to read this vector as a general positive. While it may have been shot pointing down toward her bare tender bits, it takes but a click of the mouse to send Taylor’s arrow in a much luckier horseshoe direction. Oh, that she is quite the show-woman. Not so afraid of risks. And a sign for us here at Egotastic! that it’s going to be a great week in sextastic celebrity reveals. Keep your seat-belts fastened. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Taped Up Frontal or Jessica Alba Down Top Jigglers, Which Do I Yearn For More?

Do you know me?  Do you really know me? I’m not sure anybody besides my mom, my psychic, and my obese cat, Mr. Wonderful, really know me inside and out. For instance, if given the choice between being the man who gets to remove the tape from the body of young punky bad girl Taylor Momsen or being able to motorboat Jessica Alba and her fine mommy at the park knockers, which would I choose?

No, this is not a trick question. It is one of these two most delicious and individually dreamy options. I will reveal my answer at the end of the day on Egotastic! Facebook. That’s called a tease. And not a very deft one at that. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Wearing Nothing But a Painted Arrow

Snapshots from her new music video reveal that teen punk model turned grown woman lead singer Taylor Momsen is hardly seeking the modest route to fame and fortune in her music guise.

I’m guessing you’re going to want to see these painted arrow photos of a mostly nekkid Taylor Momsen in her Heaven Knows video over on WWTDD. I’ve looked at them four times and still trying to figure out where the arrow is pointing to. Huh. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Knows How To Get Attention

It’s been a while since we’ve seen now 20-year old provocative actress and singer Taylor Momsen making attention getting waves. Well, she’s back and promoting her new album, Going to Hell, with a little racy artwork and a whole lot of shebang.

We’ve always had a thing for Taylor Momsen, since before it was even rather appropriate, and we know she can do ever so much better. But we still love her teasy antics, because we’re suckers for a tease from a long and tall blonde lovely like Taylor. Also, it’s rude to ask a girl to take her clothes off and smile from the cameras, especially when you meet her in the street. Still, we continue to hold out hope Taylor gets herself into full reveal mode at some point soon. We have been waiting ever so long. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Back Showing Off Onstage

Taylor Momsen is back and using her body onstage to be all real and in the moment and overtly sexual and a bunch of other terms that means we get to see the hot blond actress turned singer being ogle-worthy on stage.

Taylor was performing in Fort Lauderdale, and while she hasn’t lived up to her full nekkid-time potential since turning 18, there’s no denying she’s one hot lanky naughty blonde whose dressing rom I’d like to be invited back to after the show for drinks and wobbly forms of desperate sex. Well, Taylor would be wobbly, I’d be desperate, but combined, well, they’d write songs about our coupling. Really bad punk songs. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Holding Her Boobs Make Me Happy

Oh, sure, there’s the laughter of children on the playground, the sound of puppies barking with delight, the ring-a-ling of the ice cream truck on a hot summer’s day, but I’d give that all up (except maybe the ice cream part) for the sight of Taylor Momsen holding her own boobs in a promotional poster for her band, The Pretty Reckless.

We kind of lost sight of Taylor who seemed to sew her wild oats before she turned eighteen, and upon becoming legal, felt little need to bust out of any shell. I think we need to be careful what we wish for around here. But if this poster image is any indication of Taylor’s future visual endeavors, I’m more than putting her back on the EgoRadar. She has so much potential for greatness. Enjoy.

Taylor Momsen Goes Goth With Long Long Legs

Wow, we haven’t seen former teen rocker slash actress Taylor Momsen in some time. Apparently, she was off getting even taller, with even longer legs, which she was flashing while all gothed up for a music video shoot in New York City.

I’d like to say that Taylor Momsen lived up to her rebellious underage promise, but, sadly, she’s kind of gone dark since her punky showy exhibitionist pre barely legal times. And I don’t mean dark as in more drinking, smoking, and carousing. That would actually work out well. But just absent from the ogling landscape. Perhaps this is a sign of hotter things to come. Or maybe just taller things. Enjoy.