Taylor Momsen Flashing Her Taped Up Boobtastic and the Melons of Others Onstage in Buenos Aires

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bill-swift - August 2, 2012

Weird thing. We haven't seen much of Taylor Momsen since we tracked her ever so closely on her almost barely legal tour of European nightclubs over a year ago, flashing her panties and body parts in all sorts of underaged manners upon which we could not comment. Then, she turns 18, and it was a virtual disappearing act from the ogle-worthy photo game. Like a reverse coming of age story, something we had a very hard time swallowing.

But, after a long absence from the Egotastic! stage at least, the formerly punkish rebel smoking model and singer turned a stage performance in Argentina into a newsworthy event when she pulled up her shirt and flashed her grip-taped over rocker chick melons and then proceeded to barely cover up a busty pair of fan knockers from a woman brought on stage. The entire thing was some sort of massively teasing stage craft that we kind of admire, and, yet, wonder if old school rocker chicks might not have skipped the tape and the hand-bras for their 'in your face, society' type moments.

Nevertheless, it is so very good to see almost all of tall blonde and naughty Taylor Momsen once again. Enjoy.