Tati Neves

Tati Neves Bikini Pictures for the Justin Bieber Brothel Girlfriend Who Is Here To Stay

It seems pretty clear at this point that Tati Neves is never going away. While many people assumed her fifteen minutes of fame might actually last fifteen minutes, this escort services gal from down Brazil way has turned her evening with The Devil’s Midget into a burgeoning career as a bikini shoot girl on the beaches in Rio.

To be completely objective, if I can about a woman who has smudged herself with Satan’s shortest minion, Tati seems to be hitting the gym a bit since her public renowned, getting that booty and body in Brazilian beach shape. If she keeps moving in the right direction, I don’t see why she can’t become the next next Kim Kardashian of South America. She did the hard part already. Enjoy.

Tati Neves Flashing Booty in Her Bikini Along the Brazilian Beachfront

If you thought The Devil’s Midget’s paid girlfriend from Brazil was simply going away, yeah, not so fast. Tati Neves has turned her hotel room encounter with the world’s most famous brat into a new found bikini modeling career, at least for the time being, taking to the beaches in Rio for another rump-flashing two piece exhibition.

It’s not that Tati is without her talents, and I don’t just mean the ones we saw in her film work, it’s just that, well, I’m not sure I could ever get over Bieber-taint. I know, I know, Selena Gomez. It took me a while to get past that. And that’s Selena Gomez. I don’t ever want to judge a woman by her past relationships, even a professional escort, but that one is one of the tougher hurdles. I shall try. Enjoy.

Tati Neves Bikini Pictures for a New Brazilian Heroine

There’s no sense in delaying matters when fifteen minutes of fame are all you might have in this world. So it is that the Devil’s Midget’s Brazilian hooker Tati Neves is back in black, well, white, as in a bikini, showing off for the cameras and capitalizing on her new found fame.

I’d be lying if I didn’t say Tati has a rather fetching female figure, and I do love pleather couches, though I’m hard pressed to wonder where she’ll take this next. Then again, in a post-Kardashian world, I’m never again saying ‘no way she can turn that into millions’. Enjoy.

Tati Neves Porn Work; Justin Bieber’s Escort Not So Innocent (Explicit Content Warning)

Tati Neves Nekkid Clips from Assorted Adult Films
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Just because a girl works in a brothel doesn’t mean her off-work time isn’t spent as a nun or a woman who plays clarinet in the community jazz quartet or other category of sexually chaste woman. Though in the case of Tati Neves, Justin Bieber’s dime-a-dance girl from his recent trip to Brail, well, turns out she sort of kind of has an adult film past working under the name Emanuele. Super classy.

I’ve feasted my peeps upon these mature themed cinematic adventures. The movies themselves are pretty varied, English language moaning, and about to be purveyed on the Internet from various sources unclear as to their precise source. Make no mistake about it, Tati Neves is not without her talents and what appears to be some decent level of experience. Not that I would be qualified to judge porn. I mean, I hardly ever look at the stuff, before 5am. Still, this is the first escort porn star to film Justin Bieber sleeping in his hotel room. Nobody forgets their first. Enjoy.

Tati Neves Topless and Then Some; Nekkid Pictures of Justin Bieber’s Brazilian Call Girl (NSFW)

Tati Neves Topless Photoshoot in Private Magazine
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Sure, call Internet media the scourge of modern culture, I’ll tell you that the good dirt that used to take months to uncover, if not entirely swept under the rug, are now out in the brilliant sunshine within hours, if not minutes.

Take for instance Tati Neves, the Brazilian lady of the evening who made herself infamous today by posting a cell phone video she shot of Justin Bieber sleeping after their post-brothel tet-a-tet. Next thing you know we’re finding out who Tati is, seeing her bikini photos on Facebook, and in short order, checking out her entirely nekkid form in Private Magazine from Latin America, a gentleman’s magazine of the vajayjay order.

Now, I don’t suspect The Devil’s Midget will be getting a tattoo reminder of this particular incident, but I do know that these photos at least put to rest all the ‘bet she had a penis’ jokes we’ve been receiving. At least for now. Enjoy.

(You can still see the Prostitute Shoots Bieber Sleeping video on WWTDD.)

Tati Neves Bikini Pictures for a Closer Look at Justin Bieber’s Camera Ready Concubine

Tait Neves is the Brazilian girl making big international waves today because she sort of kind of filmed Justin Bieber sleeping in a hotel room after the two apparently ‘hooked up’ (You can see the Sleeping Bieber Beauty Video here). Now, some are calling Tati a prostitute, and considering it looks like Justin might’ve plucked her out of a brothel, well, everybody has to have a profession. Still, I don’t like labels and anybody who tells you that any sex is free, they’re just not very honest accountants.

As long as we know her name, why not take a look at Tati in some of her candid bikini pictures. She’s a woman alright. And if you don’t think she has a resemblance (albeit bustier curvier and more pro) to Selena Gomez, you’re not thinking like an Egotastic! detective and I may have to take away your tin shield. Enjoy.