Tanit Phoenix

Emmy Rossum, Gemma Arterton and Tanit Phoenix Drop Top For This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute (VIDEO)

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Whoever said it never rains in Southern California (a song penned by a British dude, actually, which makes sense) clearly hasn’t been paying attention to the veritable deluge Hollywood has been experiencing this week, with nearly half an inch of rain reported and intermittent drizzle bringing the city to a traffic halt. In any event, with climate conditions akin to the never-happened end of times Mayan Apocalypse, I’m looking for a few good skin-filled movies to watch on the home theater (a.k.a. my 19 inch Trinitron with internal speaker) and thanks to our friends at Mr. Skin, I have a pretty good working list.

This week’s Mr. Skin Minute includes Gemma Arterton not nekkid in Hansel & Gretel but topless in The Disappearance of Alice Creed, Tanit Phoenix nekkd in Death Race 4, and the glorious Emmy Awesome flashing her frontal cans in Season 3 of Shameless. Now, I’ve seen that last one 178 times now, but the first two I think are definite rent/buys. Enjoy.

(Be sure to get your Ego-discounted Mr. Skin membership, like now, because now kicks ass!)

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Tanit Phoenix Topless in the Upcoming Death Race 3; It’s a Hotness Inferno!

Tanit Phoenix Topless Screencaps from Death Race 3
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As a fan of the Death Race film series, not only are we looking forward to the release on Tuesday of Death Race 3 : Inferno, but we are super-jacked (not pun intended) with news (and now confirmation) that the wicked hot Tanit Phoenix is baring her body in this action flick.

If you happen to dig fast cars, hot girls, and some eye-popping heart thumping action scenes (or is that eye-popping girls?), be sure to check out Death Race 3: Inferno.

(Thanks to EgoReader ‘D’ for this wonderful preview.)

Sexy Madison Dylan Visits Egotastic! To Celebrate Femme Fatales Season Finale (VIDEO)

Whoa. Ooph. And, a double dang. Somehow, the good folks at Cinemax found out that we were all big fans of their boobtastic fantastic naughty drama, Femme Fatales, starring Tanix Phoenix, and they sent over an emissary from their sextastic creation in celebration of tonight’s season finale episode of the first season (and, they are coming back for another season).

Say hello to Madison Dylan. So hawt. A tall blonde minx straight out of Kansas, like an amazingly hot version of Dorothy, who landed in L.A., and found herself in the vixen-licious role of Alexis on Femme Fatales. When Madison arrived in our offices here, it was like the sun rising in the East, only, that wasn’t the sun, but we still all smiled at the dawn of something naughty. We sat Madison down for one of our 2 Random Minutes With style interviews and found out that there was much brains behind that beauty (we also snapped a few fun photos from our pocket cam, just for the old keepsake’s sake, we share with you). Enjoy.

(Be sure to check out tonight’s season ending episode, Visions, Part 2 of Femme Fatales on Cinemax tonight at 11pm. You will not be disappointed.)

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Tanit Phoenix Lingerie Pictures Display the Science of Babeology

Say hello to sweet sexy South African Tanit Phoenix, the hostess of the Femme Fatales boobtastic program on Skinemax, currently in its second season of providing amazing boudoir stories you probably won’t remember once all the girls start getting undressed. While Tanit is one hot-bodied S.A. model and actress, to date she’s probably best known for being runner up to Adrianne Palicki for the recent role of Wonder Woman, though that ended up falling rather flat on all the hype. In any case, these lingerie photos of Tanit Phoenix from an exclusive pictorial for the IGN Babeology page form a nice introduction to the New World of Egotastic! for a sexy celebrity whose hotness seems to be climbing the charts. Enjoy.