Shay Mitchell

Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell Bikini Hotness Candidly Showing Off in Maui

The girls of Pretty Little Liars decided to get into some tiny bikinis for beach play time in Maui. I couldn't be happier. Ashley Benson and Shay Mitchell just seem to be having so much fun with their sweet bikini covered boobtastic bodies, I wish I could join in. Maybe play a little Jaws coming up from the deep to take a little nibble of their tasty forms.

There's really nothing finer than two ridiculously hot young women playing together in their bikinis at the beach. Well, move those two girls to my inflatable splashy pool and it is slightly finer, for me at least. Ashley Benson is so underrated as one of the Hollywood hotties; Shay Mitchell I wouldn't kick out of bed for eating my toes to the bone. Menage-a-Bill plan activate. Pretty Little Liars, bring it on. Enjoy.

Shay Mitchell Lingerie Revealing Goodness in Esquire

Are you familiar with Shay Mitchell, Cannuckian hottie from Pretty Little Liars? If not, you're about to get to know her, most every single inch of her in this super fine super silky hot bodied pictorial of Shay in Esquire Philippines. Yes, I'd go a long way 'round the world for a visual taste of Shay. She'd probably go even farther trying to hide from me. But I'm pretty good at finding Carmen Sandiego when she looks like Shay Mitchell does in a low-cut nightie.

Shay is another one of the half Filipina girls who drive me absolutely wild. I once dated a girl like this. She left me because she said I stared too much at her booty, which when combined with my being unemployed and addicted to Farmville, was somehow some kind of deal breaker. But you look at the likes of Shay Mitchell and try not to stare. That's a dare you can't win. Shay wins, because hot girls always win. Enjoy.