Sarah Silverman

Sarah Silverman Topless, Deborah Ann Woll Making the Sexy, and Maggie Gyllenhaal Nipples Highlight the Boob Tube Roundup (VIDEO)

Deborah Ann Woll in True Blood
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What is this magic here? Sarah Silverman in an unexpected topless turn in Masters of Sex on HBO. I guess when I heard she was going to have a recurring role on the series it should’ve been a head’s up that everybody gets topless on that period piece show. Still a mighty nice surprise for a Boob Tube Roundup of the best of the skintastic in the weekend in celebrity ta’s.

Joining Sarah in the BTR is Deborah Ann Woll somehow not flashing funbags during a True Blood sex scene, Maggie Gyllenhaal nipples out to play in BBC’s The Honourable Woman series, Laura Donnelly and Catriona Balfe topless in the time traveling drama Outlander, and Andrea Bogart and Brooke Smith topless in Ray Donovan on Showtime, It was a big week on the small screen for big views. Indeed. Enjoy.

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READER FINDS: Rachel McAdams Topless, Jena Malone Nekkid, Rumer Willis Lesbionics, and Much Much More…

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Each Friday we gather around the Egotastic! eco-friendly and carbon-neutral faux-log burning campfire to share our triumphs and sorrows of the past week, chew on some homemade beef jerky that Hank bought in the store but pretends he makes at home, and open up the reader mail to see what riches it reveals. It’s like a Christmas of sextastic skin each and every week, if Santa had a permanent hard-on and a penchant for celebrity knockers. Which, in fact, he might.

This week’s Reader Finds includes French actress and Presidential affair d’jour, Julie Gayet, topless and poking (many thanks to EgoReader ‘Martin’), former Miss Kentucky Whittney Allen looking model hot (kudos to ‘Vivian’ for this discovery), Katy Cocktease see-through goodness in an Asian magazine (sent literally by ‘nobody’), a bit of a lip slip we missed on Anais Zanotti (eagle-eyed by ‘Mash’), a better look at the bare lady nest of Alexandra Daddario in that epic scene from True Detective (eye-spied by the little eyes of both ‘Stan’ and ‘Arthur’), even more potential misses by us of an underwear-less Carmen Electra (potential bare upskirt caught by both ‘Bobbie’ and ‘Kurt’), another sweet look at classic Alyssa Milano in her most topless embrace ( submitted passionately by ‘Sarah’), Anne Hathaway in her best topless feature to date (images of Anne’s puppies via ‘Dave P.’), Emma Greenwell quite topless in the third season of Shameless (‘Bryan’ must know of my Greenwell lust), Russian model Mirgaeva Galinka looking might fine in Twitpics (inspired by ‘Luis’ who is her biggest fan), a redux of Lizzy Caplan and her faptastic funbags (blessing sent from ‘Scott’), Ali Larter in her younger days looking swimsuit fine (throwback Larter provided by ‘Devon’), Moldovan hottie Xenia Deli quite nekkid in Lovecat magazine (oh, my oh my, via ‘Sloane’), Christina Hendricks doing her thing during a classy sexy photoshoot (my love of Joanne shall never fade thanks to ‘Sweep’), Jena Malone quite nekkid in S Magazine (always a treat to see Jenna’s all-overs, from ‘Ryan’), Rachel McAdams topless in her best performance ever (good topless tidings from ‘Evan C.’), Sarah Silverman covered topless in Susan 313 (comedic almost transmitted by ‘Ems’), Thandie Newton topless on the silver screen (muchas gracias to ‘Steve’), Taylor Cole and Rumer Willis making out for the love of acting (humbly handed off by ‘Benny’), Helen Hunt full frontal veteran goodness (three points of light submitted by ‘Ed G.’), Ludvine Sagnier French styled topless work (courtesy of ‘Amanda’), Abigail Clancy looking uber-fine in a Frank White photoshoot (oh, Clancy, from the mind of ‘Pish’), Ashleigh Jade in lingerie for Kandy magazine (sizzle alert provided by ‘Wenz’), Nikkala Stott topless sweet delicious goodness (my heart is racing thanks to ‘Brie’), the striking Tatiana Gil covered topless hotness in Soho (one of the most alluring women in the world via ‘Street’), Shakira sextastc promo of her latest music video (midget allure from ‘Dan’), and last, but most definitely not in any way least, blonde Brazilian bombshell Yasmin Assis topless outdoors (whoa babies dropped off by ‘Michael’). It is almost too much, and yet, never enough! Enjoy.

Sarah Silverman Pushing Up Her Cleavage For a Good Cause

Ah, another night, another gala. Such is the life of the Hollywood resident. Sarah Silverman has been attending many public functions of late, including this charity event for the Saban Community Fund, and I might say I’ve noticed her a little more chesty in recent appearances. I’m not sure if Sarah’s funbags are new, improved, enhanced, or she just found one killer bra that is pushing her moons up toward her chin, but there certainly has been more bosom from Sarah of late. I’d call her on it, but I really mostly just don’t want her to stop. In fact, more.

Take a look at Sarah’s bare knockers from her daring film role last year and see if you see any geometric boundary differentials, or something like that. Enjoy.

This Week’s Mr. Skin Minute Features Halle Berry Topless, Olivia Munn Topless, and Michelle Williams and Sarah Silverman Nekkid (VIDEO)

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While early Oscar buzz is sweeping movie land this time of year, early celebrity skin buzz remains forever the forecast of our friends at Mr. Skin, who have quite a doozy of dainty ladies without their tops on in this week’s sixty seconds of on-film cheesecake known as the Mr. Skin Minute.

This week’s MSM features Halle Berry, not topless in Cloud Atlas opening in theaters, but quite bare-topped in Swordfish, Olivia Munn dropping her top and flashing her beautiful chest in Magic Mike, now out on DVD, and the infamous nekkid scenes of Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams from Take This Waltz, it’s funbags and fur-balls and a definite must-see.

And, of course, DO NOT forget to get your Mr. Skin Minute membership like all the cool kids in class, with access to eight gazillion photos and videos of all celebrity skin on film and television. You can waste many fun hours searching their libraries. Trust me, I do all the time. Enjoy.

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MSM Weekly Bits O’ Skin Include Charlize Theron Topless, Anna Paquin True Blood Flashing, and Sarah Silverman Full Frontal (VIDEO)


Consider summer movie season in full swing on this first day in June, and consider me more ready than ever to catch some real films with some real skin, you know, in addition to some pretty cool looking boob-less movies in the theaters this summer.

Our friends at Mr. Skin have put together a classic trio of films on Blu-Ray and DVD for your skintastic viewing pleasure including Charlize Theron bare front in The Devil’s Advocate, Anna Paquin all kinds of nekkid in True Blood, and Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams full frontal goodness in Take This Waltz. All quite delicious. Enjoy.

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Sarah Silverman and Michelle Williams Full Frontal Nekkid in ‘Take This Waltz’

Sarah Silverman Full Frontal Nekkid in 'Take This Waltz'
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It’s not often that your dreams meet reality, let alone Hollywood hype living up to its expectation. How many times have we heard about the likes of Jennifer Aniston or Kristen Stewart flashing body parts in their latest movie, only to discover upon viewing that those scenes were either never even shot, or, more likely, the stars insisted they be edited out of the exhibited film even if they took all the credit leading up to distribution for being brave actresses.

You know who’s brave and wicked hot and totally nekkid in Sarah Polley’s indie film, Take This Waltz? Well, Sarah Silverman is. Buck totally nekkid and showing it full frontal style in an eye-opening, must-see, must-never-forget shower scene that includes Michelle Williams, equally buck nekkid, flashing her entire bare body, and even more so in later making the sexy scenes in the movie. Michelle never shies away from explicit scenes in films. Oh, how we love her completely for that. Also, brave, Jennifer Podemski, let’s not forget the third wheel who is quite flashing the bare funbags and lady nest in this same shower scene that has to now be on everybody’s Top 10 movie shower scenes of all times (if you minus out the constant cuts to the older fat ladies that is, but what can you do in a chick flick — you’re helpless).

Oh, happy days are here again, or maybe they never left, but seeing Sarah Silverman in the flesh, all her flesh, it’s making me coo like a baby with a warm bottle. Worth the wait! Enjoy.

*Thanks to EgoReader ‘BMTD’ for the head’s up on these wonderful visions of nekkid grandeur.

(If you’d like to see the nekkid scenes from Take This Waltz in video format, CLICK HERE.)

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The MSM Weekly Skin Roundup Includes Kristen Stewart, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Silverman (VIDEO)


It’s 2012 and our friends at Mr. Skin, the tube-loving cinematic reviewers of all things hot and fleshy are looking forward to good times and good views to come this year, including highly anticipated onscreen skin moments from Kristen Stewart topless in On the Road, Jennifer Aniston finally showing actually boobtastic in Wanderlust, and Sarah Silverman in her much anticipated full-frontal nekkid scene in the indie flick, The Last Waltz.

2012 could turn out to be quite epic on the big screen. Enjoy.

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