Sarah Michelle Gellar

Sarah Michelle Gellar Leggy in the Big Apple

Well, hello Sarah Michelle Gellar, and hello Gellar legs.

We haven’t seen Buffy for some time now. So catching Sarah climbing out of a car in a high hem line, well, it’s something of a treat. Those gams are still quite stellar, even after pushing out a couple pups, and instantly something close to a thousand and one fantasies came roaring back from the deep subconscious.

Specially the one  involving a feather duster, Sarah’s ticklish legs, and screams that I will tip the front desk manager at the Red Roof Inn to ignore. Sarah, call me, use your toes to dial. This could be amazing. Enjoy.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Costume Institute Gala Mega Picture Post

The Metropolitan Museum of Art held it’s annual Costume Institute Gala, which is on par with the Academy Awards in terms of the number of beautiful women in sex dresses. My favourites this time out include Blake Livley (the busty gossip girl), Gisele Bundchen (so sexy), Hilary Duff (who keeps getting hotter), Kate Mara (my favourite redhead), Michelle Trachtenberg (whose nipples were saved by some golden pasties), Sarah Silverman (as cleavagey as ever), and Taylor Swift (who just might be the most beautiful girl in the world). Of course, there are many more lovely ladies, as you can see, and well over 150 more pictures after the jump.

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Sarah Michelle Gellar Naked for Vaseline

When you think of naked celebrities and vaseline, your first thought probably has to do with horny teenagers discovering the magic of the “freeze frame,” and well, you wouldn’t be too far off the mark this time either. Vaseline has a “mystery celebrity” contest on their website, asking if you can identify the naked celebrity, and frankly, the demographic most suited to answering the question is, again, probably horny teenagers. Of course, it’s not that hard to figure out that it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar naked in these Vaseline promotions, though it is kind of hard to figure out why. I guess Sarah Michelle Gellar is just really keen on helping horny teenagers learn about their bodies…

Sarah Michelle Gellar Topless in Maxim

Well, here’s something I wasn’t expecting to see: Sarah Michelle Gellar topless in Maxim magazine. I can’t even remember the last movie she was in, and it feels like a lifetime since Buffy went off the air. According to Maxim, though, Sarah Michelle Gellar is the Woman of the Year. I’m sorry, was Melissa Joan Hart not available?

Supposedly, SMG has three new movies coming out this year, so maybe she deserves the cover, but it’s more likely she went and got herself a new agent, who was most probably also the reason she got this cover. Of course, she had to go topless, so I guess her agent isn’t that good.

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Porn Star

Well I couldn’t write “Buffy the Porn Star” as the post title, now could I. That really wouldn’t be very specific. Anyway, here are some pictures of Sarah Michelle Gellar on the set of her new movie “Southland Tales” in which she will be playing the role of a porn star. She says she wants to do more “adult” roles, but I think she may have taken the term “adult” a little to literally. However, don’t you go getting all lubed up over this one just yet. It seems that this will be another one of those movies where a hot actress (although SMG really isn’t that hot) takes on a sexy role, but shows no skin (at least not the good bits – a la Natalie Portman in Closer). That’s right, another movie about porn stars where the lead doesn’t take it off. How much more “in service of the plot” do you need?