Sara Corrales

Sara Corrales Lingerie Pictures Completely and Utterly Smoking Hot

We brought you a few of these last month, but, now, the complete set of Colombian telenovela star Sara Corrales in her catalog photoshoot for Chamela lingerie, it’s just epic levels of Sudamericana hotness.

This winter we will once again be gassing up the ’82 Egotastic! Winnebago for another roadtrip down the Pan-American highway, where we intend to stop at the doorsteps of Colombian sextastic Sara Corrales and beg her in multiple languages to show us her bare sultry body. You never really know until you ask. Enjoy.

Sara Corrales Lingerie and Bikini Pictures Sharp Enough to Prick Your Finger (Err, Reverse That)

You may not remember Sara Corrales, the wicked hot Colombian telenovela star who portrays the evil Jessica on Vecinos, but then you probably have a regular job and responsibilities where you can’t watch Colombian soaps during the middle of the day from your La-Z-boy recliner. That sucks for you.

However, we can all share in the lovely Sara Corrales today, in a rare, but delightfully Latina delicious set of bikini and lingerie sparklers from Sudamericana that highlight every amazing inch of Sara’s flawless body. It may not get you to buy lingerie and bikinis, but it will surely get you window shopping. Enjoy.

Sara Corrales Topless Pictures For Telenovela Goodness


Hot Colombian model and actress, Sara Corrales is known for many things; hot asstastic, great body, striking Latina looks, but perhaps best known for portraying the insidious Jessica on the Sudamericana soapy time slapper, Vecinos. Double lust points in my book for portraying evil characters on these semi-lurid, semi-retarded telenovelas. Oh, how I’d love sexy Sara Corrales to unhinge the breaks on my car to see my die because she learns I’m he-banging tu hermana. It’d be a good way to go. check out these Sara Corrales topless pictures from the current edition of SoHo magazine and see if you don’t feel like receiving a slap or two from this sinister brunette. Enjoy.