Rumer Willis

Rumer Willis vs Sky Ferreira Battle of the Legs in Los Angeles

Neither of these two ladies were out yesterday showing off much skin in the traditional sense, but oh how Uncle Bill does like his legs. Rumer Willis naturally has been on DWTS and working out therein, perfecting the tone and shape of her gams in a professional setting. She threw in some shapely outline of her lady parts in tight shorts just for the added pot of gold once you reached the apex of her legs.

Young Sky Ferreira is an artist, a serious young singer, so she’s going to go a little casual Euro with a short revealing leather miniskirt baring some sweet stems that are sure to give the leg man every ounce of shudder he can muster. Nothing obvious or outrageous, just a nice bit of young woman, short skirt, nice legs, in a somewhat unexpected ogle.  Personally, I’ll take both. Four leg lockdown sounds dandy. I’ll bring the silken ropes. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/Splash

Rumer Willis See Through Bootysuit For DWTS

Look, I’m not too big a man to admit their aren’t certain parts of ballroom dancing that can appeal to the Egotastic male. Such as the costumery on some of the more booty ripe and worked out female celebrities and dancers. Even Rumer Willis got into the action with her see-through sequin number that showed off her two powerful cheeks of dancing goodness and a body that certainly looks like she hit the gym with prior to her dance show application.

Everybody knows dancers have great bodies, lean and flexible and strong. It’s just the dancing part I have trouble with. Call me jaded, but if she’s not on the main stage or the side stage or delivering a platter full of overpriced Heineken’s, I just don’t see the beauty in the art form so much. Nevertheless, I do know a thing or two about sweet celebrity booty cheeks and Rumer Willis definitely has herself a pert pair. Enjoy.

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Charlotte McKinney and Rumer Willis Show Girl Showing Mams for DWTS Taping

There is something to be said for getting busty girls into dance costumes for that silly Dancing With the Stars Show. That thing is, let’s peep the girls with their funbags nearly falling out. Most especially Charlotte McKinney, with Rumer Willis putting on a clevetastic display of her own. Not too shabby. It’s all for a glittery dance show that I wouldn’t watch if a monkey threatened to slice my bobos and take them back to feed his family. Well, tossup at least then. But I can’t deny my love of seeing girls changing.

I’m kind of rooting for Charlotte to lose first so she can get away from this nonsense and back to doing what she does best. Not the two-step, but the two melon exhibition. She has so much good visual wonderment work ahead of her. It doesn’t need to be surrounded by ballroom dancing. Maybe some horizontal mambo if I may be so crude. Either way, sorry, Charlotte, I’m not rooting against you so much as representing the ogling gentleman who need you back in your native environment but quick. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet

Rumer Willis Wears Tiny Skirt For A Coffe Run In LA

Rumer Willis was wearing a teeny tiny skirt in LA while getting herself some coffee. Rumer is the spawn of Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, though luckily she looks more like Demi. She was super hot back in the day and Rumer has taken up the mantel of sexiness from her mom. Rumer has a nice pair of legs. She knows it too which is why she likes to show them off in tiny skirts and bikini pics. The miniskirt also accentuated her firm but curvy booty. Her butt is so extraordinary that I would like a bronze bust of it so I can put it on my wall so I can admire it  all day long. Sometimes thumpers transcend regular hottness and enter into the realm of art.

I would like to take her out for coffee. We can discuss her dad’s work in the Die Hard franchise as I try and look down her shirt.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet/PacificCoastNews

Miley Cyrus Pastied Topless, Britney Spears Lingerie Doll, Tallulah Willis Lean Bikini Highlight the Sextastic Twitpic Roundup

My little social media darlings have been quite busy this past week, like hot elves with selfie-machines capturing all their best preens and poses and chesty goodness in various stages of reveal to be sure they don’t lose a day of relevancy in the eyes of their gentleman ogling fans. Quite the thing really. If it hadn’t been invented, we’d have to invent it ourselves.

This week’s Sextastic Twitpic Roundup features Britney Spears in her own lingerie line looking mighty fine, Tallulah Willis slim and sleek in a bikini peek, Miley Cyrus with some post-pasties covering her ta’s, Lady Gaga doing Pilates in her panties, Crystal Hefner in lacy bra close up, and much much more. You owe it to the play not called in the Super Bowl to check out each and every one of these luscious self-promoting ladies of the skin baring variety. Enjoy.

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Rumor Willis Booty Bursting In Fishnets For Cabaret Performance

Rummer Willis is the latest hottie to assume the fishnet stockings and bustier to be in Cabaret. As a person who wasted my parent’s money on a theater degree, I can tell you that Cabaret is one sexy show. This is especially true if you get someone like Rummer Willis for the main role. She’s got the knockers to fill out the iconic slinky lingerie called for in the script. Lucky for all of us she inherited a lot more from her milftastic mom Demi Moore than she did from her dad Bruce Willis. Can you imagine if a female John McCain was sporting fishnets? That would make for a very unpleasant night out at the theater. I hope I can get tickets to check out this show so I can see her up close and personal.

That’s worth the bajilion dollars that a ticket to a Broadway show costs. Can you really put a price on ogling hot chicks in their underwear?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Rumer Willis In A Red Tight Dress At The Chateau Marmont

Rumer Willis was looking sexy as F in a TIGHT low-cut red dress at the Chateau Marmont in LA. The famous Hollywood progeny’s dress had a plunging neckline which gave us all a nice cleav view of her lady plums. She, like her mother Demi Moore before her, has quite a nice rack. The entire back of the dress is missing which allows a full glimpse into Rumer’s lovely back. A woman’s back is an often neglected part of her body. Take a lovemaking tip from ‘ol Jack, y’all: pay attention to the back. Ladies like it. A lot. The dress’ tightness also accentuated Rumer’s fantastic booty. Again, she inherited the good stuff from her mom.

Remember that movie Striptease where Demi Moore played a stripper? That movie was not very good but it did show Demi’s funbags. And as a I recall Burt Reynolds covered in Vaseline.