Rumer Willis

Rumor Willis Booty Bursting In Fishnets For Cabaret Performance

Rummer Willis is the latest hottie to assume the fishnet stockings and bustier to be in Cabaret. As a person who wasted my parent’s money on a theater degree, I can tell you that Cabaret is one sexy show. This is especially true if you get someone like Rummer Willis for the main role. She’s got the knockers to fill out the iconic slinky lingerie called for in the script. Lucky for all of us she inherited a lot more from her milftastic mom Demi Moore than she did from her dad Bruce Willis. Can you imagine if a female John McCain was sporting fishnets? That would make for a very unpleasant night out at the theater. I hope I can get tickets to check out this show so I can see her up close and personal.

That’s worth the bajilion dollars that a ticket to a Broadway show costs. Can you really put a price on ogling hot chicks in their underwear?

Photo Credit: Instagram

Rumer Willis In A Red Tight Dress At The Chateau Marmont

Rumer Willis was looking sexy as F in a TIGHT low-cut red dress at the Chateau Marmont in LA. The famous Hollywood progeny’s dress had a plunging neckline which gave us all a nice cleav view of her lady plums. She, like her mother Demi Moore before her, has quite a nice rack. The entire back of the dress is missing which allows a full glimpse into Rumer’s lovely back. A woman’s back is an often neglected part of her body. Take a lovemaking tip from ‘ol Jack, y’all: pay attention to the back. Ladies like it. A lot. The dress’ tightness also accentuated Rumer’s fantastic booty. Again, she inherited the good stuff from her mom.

Remember that movie Striptease where Demi Moore played a stripper? That movie was not very good but it did show Demi’s funbags. And as a I recall Burt Reynolds covered in Vaseline.

Rumer Willis Flashes Serious Skin for Haute Couture Pimping Time

I’m not sure what it is the Willis girls actually do for full-time employment, if anything, but they are certainly lending their part-time efforts to more and more alluring and showy photoshoots of late. In Rumer Willis‘ turn, she shoots a rather racy set of catalog pictures for Franziska Fox which I suppose would mean something to me if I knew a lick about fashion. But I don’t. So let’s just call these Rumer half-nekkid and almost showing off her Willis yams for the love of haute couture pimping.

I suppose being a celebrity kid is not as easy as everybody assumes. Along with the ample resources come a variety of other hurdles and stumbling blocks one must overcome when living in the shadow of fame. I don’t know exactly how best to navigate those waters, I’d only continue to remind the Willis girls that being mostly nekkid a lot can only aid in this process. That’s my professional opinion. Dr. Bill, out. Enjoy.

Rumer Willis Poking Braless In The Big Apple

Rumer Willis hasn’t always been the recipient of universal lusting praise, but I must say, she’s looking really rather alluring these days. It’s not just her love of bare chests, no bras, showy tops and the likes, she just seems to have a new ray of sunshine deep in her sunshiney areas.

Rumer was out and about in Manhattan, buying some lingerie for somebody special, maybe me, but  probably not. She seemed excited in either case as her headlights pointed directly down Broadway like directional signals. I’m not exactly sure how Rumer Willis spends her days, but so long as she doesn’t spend them putting on undergarments, consider me a big supporter of her routine. C’mon, Rumer, flash them guns. Daddy needs a new smile. Enjoy.

Rumer Willis Booty? Yes! Rumer Willis Booty

Let’s give a girl credit for working that booty. Rumer Willis is showing off the product of her hard gym work with her rounding out thumper in jeans at the Chateau Marmont where only one thousand cameramen routinely hang out to capture such magical backside moments. Jeans make the perfect cut for examining the Pilates and yoga and squat results and I’d say Rumer is doing mighty fine in her results.

We happen to think that girls with nice bottoms are really nice people who we like to invite to parties and bring cookies to their house just to neighborly. Something about those round booties that get us in the mood for being all friendly. Good on you, Rumer. Enjoy.

Rumer Willis Pink Panties Flashing at Elle Music Event

These cut-out dresses so popular today sure do seem like trouble for the ladies wearing them. And, conversely, quite the convenient fashion trend for us gentleman oglers. Anyone who wears a pair of jeans until they’re ripped to shreds knows even your favorite pair of denim get to the point when you might just get yourself arrested for being too close to a schoolyard and time to get some new Levi’s.

But the ladies love to be on the cutting edge, as did Rumer Willis last night at an Elle music event where her pink panties were on display inside the large holes of her I’m sure expensive dress. I’m not sure if I’m more surprised that Rumer was wearing any panties given the trend in Hollywood these days, or that she chose bright pink in such a daring baring hole filled gown. Either way, it was a pleasantly bright pick me up this morning. Let’s say it together now, class. Thank you, Rumer Willis. Enjoy.

Rumer Willis Shows Off Two Perky Cheeks of Booty Goodness in Stretch Pants

Wow, this wasn’t exactly expected. Rumer Willis is not all that shy about showing off when she takes to getting into some more exhibitionist moments, but rarely have we seen her rear side so cheeky before in blessed stretch pants. And might I add, jolly good show, Rumer.

Rumer has been both blessed and cursed in the Bruce Willis offspring department I suppose. Sure, there’s the lifestyle and the Demi Moore genes, but the Willis jawline has been likely dominating genetic traits for centuries now. Still, I shall never disrespect a young woman with a squeezable keester. It is a treasure to, um, treasure. Enjoy.